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The New Plague is an infectious disease which first arose in the 2050s within the United States.[1]


Research into possible cures for the New Plague created the Forced Evolution Virus.[1] West Tek started to develop a cure for the plague, establishing the West Tek Research Facility.[1] As a response to the virus, the United States entered a national quarantine to combat it.[2]

The government used the paranoia surrounding the virus to discourage assemblies, fuel anti-communist sentiment, and encourage informing government forces of suspected subversive elements. The government further used New Plague to register civilians, claiming a symptom of the plague was "socialist thoughts" and advocating isolation: people should stay indoors, read books, and avoid "ice cream socials."[3] Citizens were told that if they believed they were infected, they were to contact a disease control center, such as the Disaster Relief Outpost in Point Lookout.[4] West-Tek was ultimately unable to develop a cure and control of the West Tek Research Facility was handed over to the military in 2071.[1]


Methods of controlling the spread of the disease were isolation and containment.[5] The worst symptoms included profuse sweating, unexplained contusions, and swelling, and eventually terminated in massive external hemorrhaging.[4]



The New Plague is mentioned in Fallout, Fallout Tactics, the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout, and Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The New Plague is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.[Dev 1][Dev 2][Dev 3]


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Design Documents
Developer Statements
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