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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor the faction that would have appeared in the canceled Van Buren, see Mormon (Van Buren).

The New Canaanites are a tribe living in Zion Canyon and parts of Utah in Fallout: New Vegas.[1][2]


The tribe's history stretches back hundreds of years before the war, the group having settled in the former states of Utah and Nevada.[3][4] Known as fair traders, Jed Masterson of the Happy Trails Caravan Company mentions that although he is not religious, he has had good experience with trading with New Canaanites, mentioning they are not only fair, but despite their pacifism, they are also keen sharpshooters and will defend themselves.[5][6]

Alice McLafferty of the Crimson Caravan Company shares with the Courier that traders from New Canaan control the majority of the northern routes.[7] McLafferty reached out to them about establishing a branch within their town, and reported they had started to warm up to the idea.[8]

Daniel will offer to provide the Courier with a book called Scripture, and if they respond affirmatively, he remarks about it being a better response than he usually gets from wastelanders. He will continue to explain why he and Joshua visit the tribes and spread their beliefs.[9][10] Daniel remarks that for all they know, the New Canaanites "may be all that remains of Christ's followers."[11]

New Canaan

The city of New Canaan was destroyed and its inhabitants murdered by the White Legs, a tribe who were tasked by Caesar to kill Joshua Graham, a New Cannanite and former legate.[4][12] This was a part of their petition to be absorbed into the Legion. They succeeded in destroying the city and killed their bishop, Mordecai.[13][14][15] The White Legs followed them, killing anyone who was not fast enough to escape, including children, the ill and infirm, and those who stopped to help them in the process.[12][16][17]

Those who survived the onslaught scattered, some settling in Colorado.[12][18] A group traveled to Zion Canyon, settling with Joshua Graham and Daniel.[14] The two missionaries live among the Dead Horses and the Sorrows tribes, actively helping them defend against threats while spreading their faith.[1] The missionaries and tribe members will tell the Courier about their beliefs, including that of souls, salvation, and the afterlife.[11][19]


New Canaanites appear in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Behind the scenes

Joshua Sawyer stated that the inspirations behind the inclusion of the group were their unique position in society and the American southwest.[Dev 1]


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  10. Courier: "Sounds kind of far-fetched, even for the wasteland."
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    Daniel: "I never thought I'd be in charge of anything. Don't know why. Bishop Mordecai was old. He had been sick for years. He couldn't walk anymore. It wasn't a problem for the rest of us. When the White Legs came.... We couldn't get him out in time. The house caught fire at the base and worked its way up. Fast. He didn't die of smoke. I wish he had. Sometimes I wake up and for a minute or two, I think all of it was a dream. But it's not. It wasn't. I wish all of this were some fevered vision of what could have been. Instead of what is, what we let happen."
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  18. Honest Hearts Endings, White Legs: "Despite their defeat at Three Marys, and the death of their war chief, the White Legs were determined to pursue the other New Canaanites. But when they finally tracked down their prey in Colorado, they discovered the tables had been turned. The White Legs who survived the New Canaanites' ambushes were hunted down by Dead Horses before they could reach the safety of the Great Salt Lake. When word of the White Legs' diminished numbers reached the 80s tribe, war was declared, and by year's end, the White Legs had been wiped out."
  19. Courier: "That doesn't sound like what I've heard about the New Canaanites...."
    Waking Cloud: "Perhaps you do not fully understand the New Canaanites. I have seen the Father's images. His holy bride and holy son were given unto the world to save it. They dwelt in the caverns of the mountains, caverns which can still be seen today. The people sinned against Him, and were punished with the End That Came in Fire and the loss of the holy tongue. Only the New Canaanites were spared."
    (Waking Cloud's dialogue)
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