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New Appalachian Central Trainyard

The New Appalachian Central Trainyard is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia.


Located in the lower mountains of the Savage Divide, the New Appalachian Central Trainyard served as a transport hub. Situated alongside Highway 63, proximity to the major highway allowed for convenient rail to road freight transport.[1]

Before the Great War, the location was targeted by Cary Skinner, an individual who conspired to rob a New Appalachia Bank armored train car.[2] Skinner enlisted the help of switch-tower operator Al Wortzik to assist in manipulating the tracks.

The day of, Skinner had their brother stand in for one of the guards after the original guard was successfully bribed to "lay low."[2] The heist was not successful, due to an explosion at the bank causing the building to be inhabitable while simultaneously causing several deaths.[3]


The railyard is filled with several derailed trains and traincars, their contents spilling out and into craters in the ground below. The parking lot has several cars parked near the platform underneath the "to all trains" signs, one of which is a cop car. The building that is situated between Highway 63 and the railroad tracks is a strip mall style combination of ticketing lobby, bank, and post office.

On the building's roof is a cooking station and some junk items. There is a scene with two teddy bears, one examining the other, and the remains of an individual who was tending to birds and collecting bird-related tchotchkes. A deceased raider hangs over the edge of the rooftop near the cooking station.

At the southern end is a train maintenance warehouse with weapons and armor workbenches. At the northern end of the location is the railway switch operator's tower. On the far end of the trainyard, another watchtower is situated next to a water tower.


  • Employee notice - Note, on the desk on the second floor of the ransacked bank building.
  • Power armor chassis - In the middle of the building with the train cars.
  • Potential Vault-Tec Bobblehead - Upstairs in the partially destroyed bank building, in the red-wallpapered room, on the wooden desk with the typewriter.
  • Three potential magazines:
    • North of the trainyard and bank buildings, in the railway switch operators tower, on a desk.
    • In the partially destroyed bank building, on a table in the vault.
    • East of the main trainyard warehouse, in the signal tower by the red water tower, on the small metal desk with the ham radio.
  • Fasnacht man mask - Inside an open safe along the right wall, in the ransacked bank building, sitting atop a toy alien.
  • Potential armor mod - To the right of an armor workbench, on a crate.


The New Appalachian Central Trainyard appears in Fallout 76.



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