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Michelle Burgess is a developer who worked at Bethesda Softworks on Fallout 3 on Sales.

Employment history

Juli 2006June 2014Bethesda Softworks
ZeniMax Media
Channel Marketing Manager
March 2018PresentCapybara GamesStudio Administrator


Fallout series

2008Fallout 3Sales

Other work

2007Star Trek: ConquestSales U.S.
2009WetSenior Sales Assistant
2010Doom IISenior Sales Assistant
2011Hunted: The Demon's ForgeChannel Marketing Manager
2011RageChannel Marketing Manager
2011The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimChannel Marketing Manager
2012Doom 3 BFG Edition/Doom Classic CompleteChannel Marketing Manager
2012DishonoredChannel Marketing Manager
2014The Elder Scrolls OnlineChannel Marketing Manager
2014Wolfenstein: The New OrderChannel Marketing Manager
2014The Evil WithinChannel Marketing Manager
2019GrindstoneStudio Administrator


The dog of her and her husband, River, modelled, animated, and voice acted Dogmeat in Fallout 4.

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