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The Meresti Trainyard is an abandoned railyard located in central Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3. It is one of two ways into the Meresti Metro Station, the underground lair of The Family, the other being Northwest Seneca Station.


The Meresti Trainyard is a location with several derelict metro cars and old rails. The Trainyard is three squares east from Arefu, and directly west of Agatha's House. The perimeter fence is broken in several places, making entrance easy. Adjacent to the east wall of the east train tunnel are two makeshift open shacks, and north are the remains of a small pre-War parking lot, which is occupied by a leveled Raider wielding a melee weapon. West by the riverbank is a small wharf made into a Raider camp, manned by three respawning leveled Raiders. Directly south-southeast of the Trainyard is an irradiated ruin of a larger building, and a cluster of broken homes near which is a respawning leveled random wasteland creature.



There is a 'Type A' random encounter location between the two train tunnel entrance structures.


The Meresti Trainyard appears only in Fallout 3.