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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Modoc townspersons.


{100}{}{You see a townsperson.}
# General
{200}{}{I sure hope it rains soon.}
{201}{}{Our crops are dying from lack of water.}
{202}{}{Even the wells have gone dry.}
{203}{}{Not a cloud in the sky.}
{204}{}{I'm thinking of moving away from here.}
{205}{}{Modoc used to be a prosperous farming community.}
{206}{}{Life in Modoc is slow. Just the way I like it.}
# Ghost Farm Seed Active
{220}{}{I hear that people have seen glowing figures during the night hours at the Ghost Farm.}
{221}{}{Did you hear? They found some idiot to go and investigate the Ghost Farm.}
{222}{}{I've been to the Ghost Farm. Scary!}
{223}{}{Daytime is the best time to go to the Ghost Farm.}
{224}{}{Karl used to live at the Ghost Farm. Now he probably haunts it.}
{225}{}{People shouldn't mess with the supernatural.}
{226}{}{Why would ghosts grow food?}
# If player delivered message from slags to Jo - Delivered=yes
{240}{}{They found out the people living at the Ghost Farm call themselves Slags.}
{241}{}{What kind of name is Slag?}
{242}{}{I don't trust the Slags.}
{243}{}{Maybe I could trust the Slags if I knew what happened to Karl.}
# If Player Agrees to help Modoc to Attack the Ghost Farm
{260}{}{I'll meet you down at the Ghost Farm.}
{261}{}{We're gonna kill a bunch of murderous Slags.}
{262}{}{I hope we're doing the right thing.}
{263}{}{We should attack during the daytime, while they're asleep.}
# If the player and the town wipeout the Slags
{280}{}{The Slags were just like us...}
{281}{}{We even killed the women and children of the Slags.}
{282}{}{I feel dirty.}
{283}{}{The blood stains won't come off my hands!}
{284}{}{I hope no one finds out what we did.}
{285}{}{What we did to the Slags was wrong.}
# If the player kills the Slags by himself
{300}{}{Did you hear? A powerful priest exorcised the ghosts from the farm.}
{301}{}{The harvest from the Ghost Farm should keep us fed for another year.}
{302}{}{There's not a drop of water at the Ghost Farm.}
{303}{}{Maybe the soil at the Ghost Farm is magic. How else could the crops grow without water?}
{304}{}{Maybe the ghosts used blood to feed their crops.}
{305}{}{I think the ghosts were stealing our water.}
{306}{}{I bet things will return to normal around here, now that the ghosts are gone.}
# If the player successfully completes the Ghost Farm seed. Best ending.
{320}{}{We're gonna trade with the Slags.}
{321}{}{The Slags have offered to supply water to Modoc during the drought.}
{322}{}{You're the one that helped us, aren't you? You're a hero!}
{323}{}{You've saved the town of Modoc.}
{324}{}{You'll always be welcome at Modoc.}