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Matthew Mercer is an actor who voiced MacCready, Mr. Sumner, and Z1-14 in Fallout 4.[1] He is married to fellow voice actress Marisha Ray.


Mercer began his career out of high school doing English Walla and additional characters in several Japanese anime, and has since worked with a variety of media, including video games, cartoons, and radio commercials. He has been a guest at conventions around the world, hosting at events such as Anime Expo, Anime Matsuri, Kollisioncon, and Ayacon. His work has expanded to a multitude of roles in video games, cartoon series, and radio commercials. He directed and produced the web series There Will Be Brawl, based on the Super Smash Bros. video game series, where he provided the voices for Kirby and Meta Knight and portrayed the role of Ganondorf. Mercer also produced the web series Fear News with the Last Girl, and acts as the Dungeon Master in the web series Critical Role, leading several other voice actors through a series of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

Participation in the Fallout series

Mercer grew up playing games in the Fallout Series. Because of the secretive nature of voice recording at the time, and that actors were not immediately told what project they were working on, he was initially unaware of what project he was performing for when he began recording on Fallout 4. However, after reading a few lines of dialogue, he realized that it was a Fallout game because of his experience with the series.[2]


Fallout series

2015Fallout 4MacCready
Mr. Sumner (uncredited)

Other work

2004Ace Combat 5: The Unsung WarAlbert Genette
2010No More Heroes 2: Desperate StruggleSkelter Helter
2011Mortal Kombat 9Kurtis Stryker
2013Fire Emblem AwakeningChrom
2013Batman: Arkham OriginsAnarky
2014Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii UChrom
2014Attack on TitanLevi Ackerman
2014Persona 4 Arena Ultimax onwardsKanji Tatsumi
2015Saints Row: Gat Out of HellBlackbeard
2015Batman: Arkham KnightRobin
2016OverwatchJesse McCree
2016Titanfall 2Jack Cooper
2017Persona 5Yusuke Kitagawa
2017JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust CrusadersJotaro Kujo
2017Injustice 2Deadshot
2018Super Smash Bros. UltimateChrom
TBAResident Evil 6 onwardsLeon Scott Kennedy


  1. Matthew Mercer on Twitter: "#WelcomeHome everyone. You can find me as Mr. Sumner, Z1-14, and have me join you as the sniper companion MacCready!"
  2. Fallout 4 Cast & Crew Reunion (reference starts at 17:30)
    Matthew Mercer: "I had the exact same experience as Peter. Same thing, like, grew up playing 'em all... including Brotherhood of Steel, eh. Not all of 'em can be winners. But yeah, same thing, we didn't know what we were going in, as soon as you get a few lines of dialogue, and those of us who had played the previous games, it clicked and... it was just kind of, like, all of a sudden all the anxiety that built up of realizing what it was and trying not to let it affect your performance until the first break came. It was like... walking into the break room, 'Is this... is this Fallout?' They're like 'Shh...'"