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Marcus J. Fielding is a developer who worked at Behaviour Interactive on Fallout Shelter as the vice president of production.

Employment history

20012004Bam! UKExecutive Producer
July 2004September 2009Electronic Arts MontréalSenior Development Director
September 2009August 2010Krome StudiosStudio Director
September 2010August 2013SegaStudio Director
September 2013January 2016Behaviour InteractiveVP, Production
January 2016August 2017MicrosoftStudio Head, HoloLens
September 2017August 2018MelodyVRVP, Product Development
August 2018PresentTin DrumChief Operating Officer


Fallout series

2015Fallout ShelterVice President, Production

Other work

2000Pac-Man: Adventures in TimeExecutive Producer
2002Ballistic: Ecks vs. SeverExecutive Producer
2008Army of TwoAdditional Senior Development Directors
2010Blade KittenStudio Manager