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Welcome to the Independent Fallout Wiki
The Wasteland's One Stop Shop for Fallout Games, Community Events, News, and Mods!
Greetings Vault Dweller, and welcome to the Independent Fallout Wiki, a fan-owned project focused on maintaining a high-quality, comprehensive, and accessible encyclopedia about all aspects of the Fallout games, community, and mods. The site is home to enthusiastic and creative fans, dedicated to expanding the site and making accurate information accessible to all. Enjoy your stay!
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About Fallout
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Fallout is a series of post-apocalyptic role-playing video games created by Interplay Entertainment, currently owned by Bethesda Softworks. The franchise stretches from pre-War years to the "future of the fifties" on a timeline that diverged after World War II.

A worldwide shortage of resources such as petroleum and uranium led to a series of conflicts between the United States, Canada, China, and European powers that were known as the Resource Wars. These conflicts culminated in the breakdown of the United Nations and deployment of nuclear missiles at and by the United States, a global nuclear event known as the Great War.
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Current Events
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Bingo Bango Bongo is taking place until April 7, 2023 to celebrate one year anniversary of our founding! Bingo icons are found at the top of pages, check out the Bingo Card for more information and join in the fun!
Community Feature
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Learn all about the amazing (and impressive!) world of Fallout Speedrunning, the act of beating a video game, or segment of a game, as quickly as possible while adhering to a set of rules which have been established by the game's individual community!
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With 11 or 35% of all votes, the winner of the March 2023 Poll "What drink would you be the most excited to try?" was Sunset Sarsaparilla! See the archive for past winners.
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Modding Resource Catalogue
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The Modding Resource Catalogue (MCR) is a searchable database providing links to gaming related guides, tutorials, mods, patches, tools, support venues and other general information. It is currently focused on Fallout 4 and non-Nexus sources like Discord Servers, Github sites and repositories, personal websites, wikis, online videos and documents.
Fallout Wiki Roadmap
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The Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance, or SEIWA, is a network of independent wikis established in 2011 and focused on providing high-quality coverage of Square Enix and its content.