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You are a "Made Man" of the (Bishop/Mordino/Salvatore/Wright) Family. You are well-known, well-respected, and look great in a fedora.Fallout 2 description

Made Man is a reputation title in Fallout 2.


The Chosen One gets this title by joining one of the four mafia families in New Reno and having an Intelligence above 4. For each mafia family there is a chain of quests, upon the completion special ones they can become a Made Man of that family, even as a female character.


  • Increased popularity in New Reno.
  • Access to free sex at the Cat's Paw.
  • Special stock and discounts available at the New Reno Arms.
  • Jagged Jimmy J can be paralyzed if the Chosen One has an Intelligence below 4 and whenever by talking about "the mortal coil."
  • An opportunity to try the porn audition at the Golden Globes even with Charisma < 9.
  • Hated by other mafia families.
  • Drug dealers and bartenders in New Reno charge more.


  • The Made Man title can be avoided by completing the final quest for each family and not returning to the boss for a reward.
  • If the Chosen One wears any power armor, other mafia families won't recognize them, unless they talk to them.
  • If the Chosen One is a Made Man of a family other than the Wrights, they can't talk to the Wright kids.
  • If the Chosen One is a Made Man of the Bishops, they can more easily negotiate with T-Ray in the quest Recover your stolen car.
  • Turning against the family will cause your Made Man status to be removed.
  • For each family boss, there's a way to assassinate them without getting blamed for it, and killing a boss "silently" or in these special ways will not remove the Made Man title.
  • It's possible to become a member of almost all mafia families, by not becoming the Salvatores' Made Man until the quest from Mordino to kill Salvatore has started.
  • If a family quest is active when a family has turned hostile, the quest will be set to failed in the quest list.
  • If you attack the raiders' underground base south of Vault City and later become Bishop's Made Man, he will confront you and become hostile.