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The Brotherhood does its best, but sometime's it takes a little something... special. That's where the Lyons' Pride comes in.Sarah Lyons

Lyons' Pride (commonly abbreviated as the Pride) is a tactical unit comprised of elite soldiers from Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3.[1][2][3][4] The Pride is tasked with the suppression of Super Mutant activity within the Mall and Chevy Chase areas of Washington, D.C.[5][Pub 1]


Lyons' Pride was formed by Elder Owyn Lyons to combat the growing super mutant presence in the Washington, D.C. area and later combat the Enclave forces as well.[5][Pub 2] The group is headed by his daughter, Sentinel Sarah Lyons, who personally chooses those that may join Lyon's Pride from a list of applicants.[2][3][4][6]

The Pride operates primarily out of Galaxy News Radio Outpost in Chevy Chase after agreeing with the station manager Three Dog to offer protection to the station to keep the radio station broadcasting and cut through the Enclave Radio dominating the airwaves.[7][Pub 1] However, the group also has a private area within the A-ring of the Citadel called the Lyons' Den, which includes a barracks and common room.

In 2277, during a mission to reinforce the standing troops at the Galaxy News Radio Outpost from increased super mutant attacks the Pride lost two initiates: Reddin and Jennings.[6][8][Pub 3] The Pride later participated in the battle of Project Purity alongside Liberty Prime and the Lone Wanderer. During this battle, Sentinel Lyons and the Lone Wanderer entered the Jefferson Memorial and the purifier code was inputted to activate the Project Purity purifier without the Modified FEV, resulting in an explosion that incapacitated all present parties.[9][10][11]

Two weeks after the Battle of Project Purity,[12] Paladin Tristan, now in charge of Lyons' Pride while Sentinel Lyons recovered from her injuries,[13] aided the Lone Wanderer on many missions including an attack on a Satellite Relay Station controlled by the Enclave,[14] the acquisition of a Tesla Coil from the Olney Powerworks,[15] and instructing them during the Battle of Adams Air Force Base.[16] Following the destruction of Mobile Base Crawler, Sentinel Sarah Lyons aided the exfiltration efforts of the Lone Wanderer onboard Pride One.[17]


The Lyons' Pride insignia differs from that of the Brotherhood of Steel standard. In place of the three gears, the Lyons' Pride shows a lion rampant imposed over the upper sword blade, inside the span of the wings.[18]


Each permanent member of Lyons' Pride is equipped with a set of T-45d power armor emblazoned with the Lyons' Pride insignia on the pauldron, replacing the standard Brotherhood of Steel insignia. The weapon variety among members of the Pride range from Sniper Rifles and Plasma Rifles to Super Sledges and Gatling Lasers, though the most common weapon is a Laser Rifle.

Between the conflicts at Project Purity and Adams Air Force Base, Lyons' Pride gained access to a captured Enclave Vertibird, referred to as Pride One.[19][20]




The Lyons' Pride appears only in Fallout 3. The surviving members appear again in the Broken Steel add-on.

Behind the scenes

  • The group's name is a play-on-words of "lion's pride." A 'pride' being the collective name for a group of lions.
  • In the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition, Knight Artemis is listed as a member of Lyons' Pride.[Pub 8]



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