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Well, then why the bloody hell are you here? Sightseeing? The ambiance? My handsome face?

Loxley is the head of the Thieves' Guild, located under a building in the Old Town section of the Hub in Fallout.


Loxley is quick, intelligent, sharp-witted, good-natured, and humorous. He takes care of the thieves working for him, and they return the favor with their loyalty. He gives about twenty percent of the money stolen to the Old Town mutants, as charity.[1] He generally loathes to use violence and kill, as dead people make poor returning "customers." Under his leadership, the Guild usually avoids any business with Decker.

Interactions overview

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This character has a talking head.
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This character starts quests.


Effects of player's actions

  • If the Vault Dweller succeeds in the test, they are gifted a few supplies from the Guild and become a member.

Tell Me About

Query Response
Angel's, Angels, Boneyard "Need to be a bit careful there. The Rippers and the Blades like to carve you up just for fun. While the town there, Adytum, just tries to stay alive. If you find yourself traipsing around there and happen on the Blades, make sure to say cheers to Razor for me. Thinking of her brings back memories, it does."
Bits, Bob's, Bobs, Iguana "You can always find Bob in the direct center of the Merchant's Market. He'll probably be selling those Iguana Bits of his till he keels over dead."
Blades "They're the scrapheads down in the Boneyard. They've been fighting for years, and they don't even know what for anymore. Bloody stupid it is."
Brotherhood, Steel "Oh, another bunch of wackos. They sit up in their big black fortress to the north, just waiting for another war."
Caravan, Caravans "Criminals. Absolute criminals. They're squeezing the life out of the town. The Far Go Traders, the Crimson Caravan, and the worst of the bunch, the Water Merchants. You can have the lot."
Cathedral "Now there's a scary bunch. They strut around all day talking about their Night God, as if he's the next best thing since merchant pockets with holes. They can heal you up pretty cheap. I'll give'em that. You can find'em in that hospital of theirs downtown."
Deathclaw, Death, Claw "Not much to tell, really. Nighttime, scare your children stories about a beastie living up north and feeding on the flesh of bad little children everywhere."
Crimson "They have a little general shop downtown. Can't trust'em, though. Hiding in their bloody warehouse most of the time. They do sell some mean chems and medkits, though. A lot cheaper than the stupid Children of the Cathedral, I can tell you that."
Decker "No. Decker's a slick one. He's got the whole town in his pocket, he does. He gives his 'protection' to the merchants, all the while pitting them against each other. Not someone you want to mess with, but he can usually be found in the Maltese Falcon."
Glow, Hot, Spot "About three years ago, one of the merchants went way down south looking for other towns. He came back all hair and teeth falling out, babbling about some huge span of radiation. Who knows, maybe something special down there before the war."
Harold "Harold? He's a good enough sort, for being a ghoul an all. Lives on the south side."
Heights "Fancy buildings. Bought with the blood of the poor."
Jacob "He's a gun dealer up in the north part of Old Town. Damn dangerous bloke, some of his hardware's a bit too lethal."
Kane "Decker's right hand man, definitely not one to mess with. You can usually find him at the Maltese Falcon."
Market "It's down in the middle of town."
Merchants "Them. Sitting high and mighty in their Water Tower south of downtown, charging all us decent folks for any drop of water that springs from the ground. They should all be bloody shot, they should."
Missing "Seems like every day another one turns up missing. People are afraid to leave town without protection. Some even blame it on the Death Claw."
Old, Oldtown, Town "Most of the poor who work for the merchants live here, in buildings so thin they don't block the sun. Meanwhile, those rich bastards are comfortable in their nice homes over in the Heights. Makes me ill."
Police "Not too fond of us actually."
Razor "Oh, what a woman! She used to be a thief here, until she decided to move down south to the Boneyard. Last I heard she joined up with the Blades. Ah, well, brains weren't her strongest part."
Traders "The closest thing to decent of all the three caravans. Only missed it by a few miles."


Apparel Weapon Other items
Leather jacket Knife
Hunting rifle
14mm pistol
14mm AP x30


Loxley appears in Fallout as a talking head.

Behind the scenes

  • According to Chris Taylor, Loxley strongly identifies with the original Robin of Locksley, Robin Hood. He pretends to have a British accent, even though he's not really English, and his real name isn't Loxley.[Dev 1]
  • Fallout designer Scott Bennie called "Locksley" his least favorite thing he worked on in Fallout, saying he was "too cutesy in tone," calling him "one of the least memorable major NPCs in either of the games."[Dev 2]



  1. The Vault Dweller: "Tell me more about the Circle."
    Loxley: "We steal from the rich, plain and simple. We give about, oh, ten to twenty percent to the poor folks over in Old Town. The Circle keeps twenty, which leaves the rest for the thief. Not a bad deal all round."
    (Loxley's dialogue)
Developer Statements
  1. Fallout developer statements/Chris Taylor on Fallout's Background
  2. Fallout Bible p.141: "INTERVIEW: GIVING SCOTT BENNIE THE “13”"
    "5. What was your least favorite thing, area, or item that you worked on in Fallout?
    I was never happy with Locksley. He was just too cutesy in tone. The whole Robin Hood thing struck me as trite, so I think he's probably one of the least memorable major NPCs in either of the games."