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Lost Weekend Western Swing Band

Lost Weekend Western Swing Band is a band that was founded in 1985 by Don Burnham and then merged together with his other band, New Century Jazz Band, in 1991.

Swingin' Out West

Fallout: New Vegas uses several songs from their 1998 album Swingin' Out West.

In 1998, Don Burnham was called on to produce an album of all-original Western Swing music for the SONOTON music library (Germany). SONOTON SCE 012 — Swingin’ Out West — features twelve original LOST WEEKEND tracks. These Western songs and tunes are licensed worldwide for use in television and radio production, commercials, and in motion pictures and other media.Lost Weekend Biography page

The album was also issued as Sonoton SCD 347 under the same name and partially reissued digitally in 2010 as Swing with Western under MyPension / Rosenklang.[1]


Instruments: Paul Anastasio (fiddle), Tony Marcus (rhythm guitar), Mark Holzinger (electric guitar, Bobby Black (pedal steel guitar), Scott Lawrence (piano), Bing Nathan (bass), Trey Sabatelli (drums), Jim Rothermel (sax, clarinet, harmonica), Bob Schulz (cornet), Bob Mielke (trombone).

Vocals: Don Burnham, Patty Kistner, Rick Dougherty, Chuck Aronson, Wayde Blair, Raun Burnham, Tony Marcus, Bob Schulz.

Production: Jerry Burnham (executive producer), Don Burnham (producer/artists director), Rick Dougherty (vocal direction), Jim Rothermel & Paul Anastasio (musical direction), Elizabeth Oei (production consultant).

The album was recorded and mixed at Bay Records, Berkeley, CA with sound engineer Bob Shumaker. It was digitally edited by Wayne Cook at Wayne Cooke Studio, Glendale, CA. It was mastered by W. Meyscheider, Traunwalchen.

The cover art was made by Byron Miller Productions, Monolith Interactive Solutions, San Francisco.

Current Band Members

Bobby Black (steel guitar, vocals), Mark Holzinger (takeoff guitar), Pam Brandon (vocalist), Paul Anastasio (fiddle), Paul Shelasky (fiddle, humor), Blaine Sprouse (fiddle), Shota Osabe (piano), Bing Nathan (bass), Rick Alegria (drums), Bob Schulz (cornet, vocals), Kevin Porter (trombone), Dale Mills (reeds), Don Burnham (leader, rhythm guitar, vocals). [3]

Fallout: New Vegas

The songs "In the Shadow of the Valley", "Lone Star" and "Let's Ride Into the Sunset Together" are performed by them and are featured in Fallout: New Vegas.


Fallout series

2010Fallout: New Vegas"In the Shadow of the Valley"
"Lone Star"
"Let's Ride Into the Sunset Together"

Other work

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