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Little Lamplighter

Stay away, mungo, I don't wanna catch old from you!

Little Lamplighters are residents of Little Lamplight in Fallout 3.


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Originally discovered in the late 19th century, Lamplight Caverns is a large, naturally occurring underground cave system that was transformed into a tourist attraction during the 1920s.[Pub 1] In 2066, portions of the cave were annexed by Vault-Tec for use in its Societal Preservation Program. This resulted in the construction of Vault 87.[1][Pub 1]

On October 23, 2077, approximately half of the students of Early Dawn Elementary went on a field trip to Lamplight Caverns with fourth grade teacher Carrie Delaney, as well as other teachers, a few parent chaperones, and adults and students from several other visiting school groups. Just as the Early Dawn group was preparing to leave for home, the caverns began to shake. The kids began to scream as the lights went out, and one man went out to see what was going on. Upon his return, he informed those within the caverns that nuclear detonations had appeared over the Washington, D.C. area.[2][3]

By October 27th, four days after the War, the trapped adult survivors were caring for 82 terrified children. That morning Claudia, one of the adults, ventured outside for help and did not return. Another adult, Mr. Cob, set out later that day in search of Claudia and likewise did not return. The adult survivors in Lamplight Caverns had now been reduced to Delaney, two teachers, two parent chaperones, and the few remaining members of the cavern staff.

One month after the War, one of the Early Dawn students, Jason Grant, recorded a journal entry stating that Delaney, the last remaining adult survivor, had ventured outside that morning but had not returned, leaving the children to fend for themselves.[4]

Grant then assumed leadership of the group and organized survival efforts. Their situation improved, and by December, two months after the War, the children were exploring the caves and had discovered Vault 87. They pounded on the Vault doors for days, pleading for assistance, only to be told one day by voices on the other side that they "were dead already." Grant responded to this with furious disdain for the adults that failed and abandoned them.[5]

The "city" of Little Lamplight was founded on January 26, 2078, and Grant was elected as their first mayor.[6]

At some point since the community's founding, Lamplight's residents gained partial access to Vault 87, from which they retrieved holotapes, textbooks, encyclopedias, and other books. Their stash of educational materials also included books about caves from the original Lamplight gift shop, as well as notes left behind by the original group's adults.

The group's antipathy for adults eventually led them to adopt a strict policy of exiling (or killing, if they refused to leave) all "mungos" or residents who reached their 16th birthday.[Pub 1] According to legend, the first mungos were drowned in the cave's fungus pools.[7] By 2277, these former residents usually relocated to the nearby settlement of Big Town, in the commonly held - but false - belief that a good life awaited them there.[8]

At the time of the Lone Wanderer's visit, 15-year-old Joseph was acting as Lamplight's teacher, instructing younger residents on subjects including reading, basic math, and anything else that interested them. He also kept notes of his own for his presumed successor, as Joseph knew that he would soon be exiled from Little Lamplight on his 16th birthday.[Pub 2][9]

In 2277, Little Lamplight's mayor was Robert MacCready. Little Lamplight possesses only two permanent laws which must be followed:

  • The mayor is elected via public voting, and must be obeyed. A new mayor can be elected at any time.[Pub 1]
  • A Lamplighter must leave the city on their 16th birthday, or they will be killed.[Pub 1]

Daily schedule

They are usually found playing in the Great Chamber and the Little Lamplight caverns.

Interactions overview

Perk nociception regulator color.png
This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.

Other interactions

The Lone Wanderer can talk to the kids, but they do not engage in full conversation, only saying a small handful of generic comments.



  • If the Lone Wanderer has the Child at Heart perk, they may play an impromptu game of tag with some of the unnamed Little Lamplighters. When the Lone Wanderer talks to them they will say, "Try to catch me, new kid" and run off. When they catch them and talk to them again, they will say things like, "That didn't count!" or, "Man. Now I'm it."
  • One of the Little Lamplighters can be heard interacting with Princess, saying "Sorry, Princess. Don't hurt me!"
  • There are recorded voice lines for the generic kid dialogue in Little Lamplight meant for adult NPCs that exist in the game files. If resurrected, the Wastelander victims in Andale will say greetings related to Little Lamplight.



Little Lamplighters only appear in Fallout 3.



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    "The caves started shaking, the lights went out, the kids started screaming. My God... Mister Pollack went outside to see what was going on. When he came back in, he told us what he saw. Clouds. Mushroom clouds. It's finally happened. The end of the world."
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    (Joseph's dialogue)
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    "2. They must leave the town before their 16th birthday, or they will be forced out or killed."
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