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Little Buster/Dialogue

Little Buster > Dialogue

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Little Buster.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Let me guess. You got work for me, right? 1
Neutral 50 Well, you're too late - I just quit the bounty trade. Soon as I pick up some caps that Dhatri owes me, I'm out of this scrapyard. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {Cook-Cook dead} Heard you got Cook-Cook. I hope you roasted that bastard with his own flamer. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Yep, I'm still here. Shit, I got nothing better to do, right? {sarcastic on last sentence} 4
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic000 Are you supposed to be famous or something? Neutral 50 Well shit, feel free to stick a knife in the old ego. I thought I'd made a name for myself around here. {player just said he's never heard of him} 5
Neutral 50 Guess that's as good a reason as any to quit this stinkin' trade. No glory. No easy money, no women, and no glory. 6
Neutral 50 Shit, I'd settle just for the women. 7
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic001 I've been known to hunt a few bounties, myself. Neutral 50 Well hey, the field's wide open, now that I'm gone. Probably lots of people looking to get in, once they hear I quit. 8
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic002 Why did you quit the trade? Neutral 50 See, I thought the bounty hunting trade would be easy money, but it turns out it's hard work. So screw it. 9
Neutral 50 Also - I ran into this mark who was a little too tough for me. I mean, I could've taken him. 10
Neutral 50 But with this guy, it might have cost me some bad burns or an ass-r---. I'm all for risking my life, but I'm a little sensitive about my asshole. 11
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic003 Major Dhatri said I should ask you about Cook-Cook. Neutral 50 The rapist with the flamethrower? Yeah, that's a combination I stay the fuck away from. 12
Neutral 50 I was stalking him for a while. I'm real good at that. Watching people from where they can't see me, you know? 13
Neutral 50 Only one thing I learned about that asshole. He keeps a bunch of Brahmins. Most of them he roasts whenever he feels like it, but there's one... 14
Neutral 50 ...must be his pet, or some shit. Doesn't let anybody near that Brahmin. Somebody puts a bullet in her, I bet that'd piss him off good. 15
Neutral 50 Might make him careless, too. 16
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic004 Why does Dhatri owe you caps? Neutral 50 Because I killed a couple marks for him, that's why. You ever hear of Jackson? Or Night Terror? 17
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic005 I take it they were Fiends? Neutral 50 Damn right they were. And they were good, too. 'Til I popped a couple shells in their assholes. Bam! Dead, finished, over. {cocky - talking about some bad guys he killed} 18
I take it they were Fiends? Neutral 50 See, somebody gives me a job, I do it. Maybe I complain a little, here and there, but my shit gets done. 19
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic006 No. Never heard of them. Neutral 50 'Course you didn't. 'Cause they crossed paths with Little Buster. Bam! Dead, finished, over. {cocky - talking about some bad guys he killed} 20
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic007 What are you going to do now? Neutral 50 Simple. I'm going to make myself some easy money. I got a plan. 21
Neutral 50 Once I get my caps from Dhatri, I'm going to head on over to Gomorrah and win big at cards. {thinks this is a pretty clever plan} 22
Neutral 50 There's not as many people playing at Gomorrah, so that means I've got better odds of winning big. I got this figured out. {thinks he's being really clever} 23
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic008 How long have you been a bounty hunter? Neutral 50 Oh, shit, I don't know. Got to be at least a month. Longer than I last at most jobs. 24
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic009 You've worked a lot of different trades? Neutral 50 Oh, yeah. A lot. Like, before I was a bounty hunter, I worked as a caravan guard. You'd think that was a cakewalk, right? Wrong. 25
Neutral 50 Crazy bastards expected me to wake up at dawn. Forget it. That's about two hours after this guy hits the sack. 26
Neutral 50 And I need at least ten, twelve hours of sleep to do my job. Price of excellence. {Talking about himself} 27
VFreeformMcCarran31ELittleBusterTopic010 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Hey, yeah. Next time you see me, maybe I'll be rolling in a shitload of caps, right? 28


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Hey, yeah. Next time you see me, maybe I'll be rolling in a shitload of caps, right? 29