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Linsay Rousseau is an American actress, MOCAP performer, singer and former journalist who voiced Abigale Poole, the DMV PA system at the Charleston Capitol Building, Cryptos, Enclave officer 1, Luann, Anya and the combat grunts of the female Vault Dweller in Fallout 76.


Rousseau started her acting career in theatre before getting various roles in voice-over work, television series, MOCAP performances and shorts. Among other things, she is military-trained, an Army Iraq War veteran and wrote a masters thesis that was made into an Emmy Award-nominated Frontline documentary.


Fallout series

2018Fallout 76Abigale Poole
DMV PA System
Player character (female)
Cryptos (uncredited)
Enclave officer 1 (uncredited)
Luann (uncredited)
Anya (uncredited)
Additional voices

Other work

2020Wasteland 3Vic's Breather Female / Del Hackett