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Knight Sergeant Wilks

Oh, go right on up. You were expected.

Knight Sergeant Wilks is a Brotherhood of Steel soldier stationed in the GNR building plaza in Fallout 3.



Wilks is one of three Brotherhood Knights charged with defending the G.N.R. Radio Station interior. All Knights are employed in the service of Elder Lyons, who resides in the Citadel. Although they’re haughty, they’ll help you out of a fix and they hate the Super Mutants as much as you do.Fallout 3 Official Game Guide/Wasteland Census

Interactions overview

Icon severed ear color.png
This character drops an ear upon death (Contract Killer).



Wilks is the only Knight Sergeant in Fallout 3. Wilks also refers to himself as "Sergeant."


  • "Oh, go right on up. You were expected."
  • "This is the last free radio station in the entire D.C. area. The rest of the airwaves are clouded up with Enclave propaganda. I wouldn't believe a word they say anywhere else."
  • "Welcome to the Galaxy News Radio Outpost. I'm Sergeant Wilks, and I'm in charge here. What brings you into the D.C. area?"


Knight Sergeant Wilks appears only in Fallout 3.