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Hell, yes, I would've. What a great mutant he would’ve been.Marcus commenting on how he would've gladly dipped Jacob if they had crossed paths when he was part of Unity.

Knight Jacob was a Brotherhood of Steel knight, and later a co-founder of Broken Hills.[1]


Knight Jacob was one of those men and women who swore them, promising to destroy mutants. This put him on a collision course with Marcus, who, following the destruction of Mariposa and the Cathedral, took to the wastes.[1]

Jacob came across Marcus, and the two fought intensely for a couple of days, neither of them able to get an advantage over the other, before realizing the futility of the fight. Instead, the pair made peace with each other, and Jacob abandoned his sworn oath to destroy mutants and joined Marcus in his travels. As they traveled together, people gradually started following them. Marcus led the growing group to the site of a pre-War uranium mining town he knew about from old maps.[1]

There, he and Jacob founded the settlement of Broken Hills about 60 years ago.[2] After ensuring that the town survived winter, Jacob said his goodbyes and moved on. Marcus stayed, as mayor and sheriff, though he missed his friend dearly. Particularly the arguments between him and Jacob on dipping and how the latter "would've been a great mutant."[3]

Inhabitants of the settlement would honor his memory by naming their children after him, as is the case with Jacob the Chemist.[4][5] Marcus would further honor his memory after the fall of Broken Hills, naming a new settlement after him. Jacobstown was established by Marcus as a safe haven for mutants of all kinds and particularly a center of research into a cure for Nightkin schizophrenia.[6][7]


Jacob is mentioned in Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

According to the Fallout Bible, Jacob's exchange with Marcus took place from Summer 2185 until his departure in Spring 2186.[Dev 1]


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    (Marcus' dialogue)
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