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Neal owns the bar. He's a good guy, always treated me right. We used to date, but he got a little too serious for my liking. I don't want to be a widow.Trish

Kill Neal is an unmarked quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Kill Neal
Complete Steal Neal's Urn quest.
Go to Skum Pitt, kill Neal and Trish.
Report back to Vinnie.
Reward: 300 XP
-6 Reputation

Detailed walkthrough

Once the Vault Dweller has given Neal's urn to Vinnie, he will ask them for help with killing Neal. If accepted, the Vault Dweller will be transported to the Skum Pitt; once Neal and Trish (see note) are dead.


  • 300 XP
  • -1 Reputation if the Vault Dweller helps during the fight.
  • -6 Reputation if the Vault Dweller stands idly by.


  • After the rendezvous with Vinnie at the bar, it is possible for the Vault Dweller to end "turns" throughout the combat sequence without being targeted. Companions will not interfere but instead, move and not attack unless accidentally misfired at. The player character can choose to end combat after the outcome which almost always ends in Vinnie being killed. After returning to the Crash House the player character will be confronted with a respawned Vinnie who will accordingly say "Soon, Neal gets his, huh?" when interacted with. Oddly enough, revisiting the Gizmo's Casino section renders the camera to fixate on the bar with the dialogue and quest practically resetting without the player character's presence in the ordeal.
  • Even in the case that the Vault Dweller or Vinnie kills Neal and Trish, the Skulz can become hostile upon return to their base, a bug possibly stemming from Champion reputation or the completion of the Stop Gizmo quest.
  • There is an exploit with this quest to gain infinite XP and negative reputation. Once Neal and Trish are killed, exiting to the south and reentering the zone with the Skum Pit will keep displaying "you gain 300 XP for putting a cap in Neal's ass, you Skul" and rewarding the player character with 300 XP and -1 reputation. Waiting a couple of hours to trigger this exploit, reentering the Skum Pit zone will also reset the time to when Neal was killed. Each time the Skum Pit zone is reentered, it will spawn duplicate Skulz stacked on top of each other.
  • If initiating combat before the dialogue between Vinnie and Neal completes, the Skulz won't help in the fight. Although killing Neal and Trish will still complete the quest, granting 300 XP, the player character will only get -1 reputation instead of -6.
  • Trish does not have to die to complete the quest. If Neal has low health and runs out, it is possible to end combat once Neal dies outside of the Skum Pit when the Skulz chase after him. Trish will still be alive, and the quest will still be completed.