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Kiff VandenHeuvel is an actor who voiced the Grandchester Mystery Mansion system in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.[1]


Fallout series

2016Nuka-WorldGrandchester Mystery Mansion system

Other work

2004World of WarcraftAdditional Voices
2005Midnight Club 3: DUB EditionVince (Detroit)
2008Sacred 2: Fallen AngelAdditional Voices
2011Star Wars: The Old RepublicSkavak / Axis / Jordel Tlan / Various
2013Parks And RecreationDewey
2013Aliens: Colonial MarinesDr. Norman Bick
2013Bioshock: InfiniteZachary Hale Comstock
2013Disney InfinityIncredibles Newscaster
2013The Walking Dead: Season TwoWalter
2014The Evil WithinOscar Connelly / Police Officer / Villager
2015Richie RichCliff Rich
2015StarCraft II: Legacy of the VoidAdditional Voices
2016Dishonored 2Male Guard Elite
2016Batman: The Telltale SeriesVictor Zsasz / Enforcer #3 / COA #1
2016La La LandNew Coffee Shop Manager
2016-18This Is UsDave Malone
2017Horizon Zero DawnAdditional Voices
2018Spider-ManAdditional Voices
2020XCOM: Chimera SquadFloyd Tesseract / Additional Voices
2020Mafia: Definitive EditionAdditional Voices


  1. Kiff VandenHeuvel on Twitter: "So proud to do a bit of voice work in #Fallout4 #NukaWorld DLC... "Please proceed to the next room..." Check it out!!"