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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor the faction in Fallout 2, see New Khans.
For the faction in Fallout: New Vegas, see Great Khans.

The Raiders only accept the meanest and toughest SOBs around. You have to be bloodthirsty, violent, extreme.Garl Death-Hand

The Khans are a raider tribe in Fallout.


Khans operated under Garl Death-Hand, a violent man who killed his own father to secure his position.[1] The group raided smaller settlements and communities while trading with larger towns like Junktown and the Hub.[2] The group raids Shady Sands, shooting people and stealing food.[3] Ian mentions that they hate the other two groups that attack the settlement, the Vipers and the Jackals.[4] When the group kidnapped Tandi, the Vault Dweller came into the settlement and fought the group during her rescue.[5] Darion, son of Garl Death-Hand, escaped the conflict and rebuilt the Khans, known as the New Khans.[6][7]




Ezekiel in the Mojave Wasteland mentions both groups of Khans being wiped out.[8]


The Khans appear in Fallout and are mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.

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  1. Vault Dweller: "{118}{}{I should have killed you when you were a child.}"
    Garl Death-Hand: "{119}{}{You should have. Now it's too late. I am Garl Death-Hand. I rule the Khans. You should be dead in your grave, and you will be again!}"
  2. Vault Dweller: "{1002}{}{Junktown}"
    Garl Death-Hand: "{1102}{}{They are to the southwest. We sometimes go there to relax after a hard day pillaging.}"
    Vault Dweller: "{1003}{}{Shady}"
    Garl Death-Hand: "{1103}{}{Miserable little piss ant community. I could crush them.}"
    Vault Dweller: "{1007}{}{Sands}"
    Garl Death-Hand: "{1107}{}{Miserable little piss ant community. I could crush them.}"
  3. Vault Dweller: "{116}{}{Can you tell me about the bandits?}"
    Ian: "There are several. They come from various groups. They steal our food and occasionally shoot a few people. Seth organized the guards to help fight them off."
    Vault Dweller: "There are different groups? Who are they all?"
    Ian: "There are three groups: the Khans, the Vipers, and the Jackals. They pretty much hate each other, but they all raid Shady Sands."
  4. Vault Dweller: "Khans"
    Ian: "They're a sorry group of raiders who attack Shady Sands and think that they're gonna take over the world or some such crap."
  5. Chosen One: "{241}{}{I'd like to hear your story.}"
    Tandi: "{242}{tand29}{Figures. (sigh) Well, I was pretty young when we met. There was a gang of raiders - The Khans - Who'd gotten hold of me. Things were looking pretty bad when, all of a sudden, this stranger shows up and rescues me. Your Vaultdweller.}"
  6. Darion: "{101}{}{You see Darion, leader of the New Khans.}"
  7. Chosen One: "{132}{}{What can you tell me about Darion?}"
    Jones: "{148}{}{Darion is a mental case, plain and simple. He's got more spooks in his head than his dog has fleas. As far as I can figure it, he was a member of another gang called the Khans. They kidnapped this girl, Tandi, and held her for ransom. Her father didn't take kindly to that, and hired some merc to get her back. Darion was the only one to come out alive.}"
    "{168}{}{Now he's paranoid. He believes that Tandi is out to get him. He's obsessed with revenge, and he wants Tandi dead. He's riddled with guilt 'cause he hid and lived, rather than dying with his gang... and the list goes on and on.}"
  8. Ezekiel: "Their original incarnation, much farther out west, was almost completely wiped out by one of those itinerant heroes so common in the post-War years. Then of course the "New Khans" suffered a similar fate, some say at the hands of the same hero, though of course the dates are all wrong for that."
    (Ezekiel's dialogue)
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