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Keith David Williams better known by the stage name Keith David, is an American film, television, and voice actor who voiced Decker in Fallout.


He is perhaps most known for his live action roles as a military officer in such films as Crash, Platoon, There's Something About Mary, Barbershop, ATL and Men at Work. He is also known for voice acting Mr. President in Rick and Morty and the Flame King in Adventure Time. In video games, he has done voice work in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Modern Warfare 2, the Mass Effect trilogy, and the Halo series. He also played Bishop James Greenleaf in the OWN series Greenleaf.


Fallout series


Other work

1988The ThingChilds
1988They LiveFrank
2000Pitch BlackAbu 'Imam' al-Walid
2006Saints RowJulius Little
2007Halo 3The Arbiter
2008Saints Row 2Julius Little
2009The Princess and the FrogDr. Facilier
2013Saints Row IVJulius Little,Himself
2019Mortal Kombat 11Spawn