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Keith (Fallout: New Vegas)/Dialogue

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Keith, the drug-dealer living in the Aerotech suite 200 of Aerotech Office Park.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hey there - fancy a game of Caravan? 1
KeithCaravan Sure, let's play Caravan. Neutral 50 You got it. 2
KeithDice From what I hear, your players are pretty unlucky. What's your secret? Neutral 50 [FAILED] I guess Lady Luck just smiles on me, that's all. Nothing special about it. 3
I've run some cons in my day - one clever bastard to another, what's your trick? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] You know how they say you make your own luck? Let's just say I make mine with a little extra ink on the cards. 4
KeithDrugs Boy... I sure could use some drugs. You know anybody that sells drugs? Neutral 50 [FAILED] What? Are you some kind of idiot? Why, uh... why would I know that? 5
Gambling's not my scene. Maybe you could hook me up with something "medicinal?" Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Oh, I getcha. Lookin for a slightly more chemical thrill? 6
Neutral 50 Okay, I tell you what - I happen to keep some Jet around for emergencies. 35 caps and it's yours. 7
KeithIntro Who are you? Neutral 50 Name's Keith. You feeling lucky? I got games of chance, games of skill, games of you-name-it. Want to win a little cash? 8
vDialogueVegasEast21EKeithTopic000 I think I'll pass for now. Neutral 50 Your loss. 9
vDialogueVegasEast21EKeithTopic001 Marked cards, huh? A little bit obvious, but not bad. Neutral 50 Hey, it's not like I use them {emphasis} all the time. Mostly I keep them in my shack until I see a really fat score roll into town. 10
vDialogueVegasEast21EKeithTopic002 I'll take it. Neutral 50 And here you go. Enjoy, my friend. 11
I don't have that much on me. Neutral 50 Well, then, why are you wasting my time? 12
vDialogueVegasEast21EKeithTopic003 Jet's not my drug of choice. I'll keep looking. Neutral 50 Well, then, why are you wasting my time? 13


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Come on back if you want a game. 14
KeithResponse KeithResponse Neutral 50 Fuck you man, I ain't going nowhere with you. 15
KeithResponse Neutral 50 Why don't you go cry to your wife, then - oh that's right! She left your worthless stinking ass! 16