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You see Katrina. She has a very pretty smile.

Katrina is a resident of Shady Sands in Fallout. She serves as the town informant and greeter.


Katrina has the job of greeting and helping strangers understand the community. She was raised in Vault 15, in which she had a very boring life. Over time, Vault 15 became overcrowded, forcing the residents to leave. Many of them gathered their supplies and ventured out into the wastes with no knowledge of the outside world. Apparently, a new life would begin for everyone. However, some stayed behind in the vault which was later attacked by raiders. Katrina escaped the vault and was wounded, but was found by residents of Shady Sands. She has stayed there ever since.

The intention of the developers of Fallout was likely to include her as a tutorial character considering her dialogue is focused around explaining a few fundamental game-play systems, including bartering, healing and the First Aid and Doctor skills.

Interactions overview

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Talk to Katrina: Upon talking to Katrina, the Vault Dweller can gain 250 XP by asking questions related to the Vault she originated from, and asking for help finding a water chip.

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Stimpak x2
Bottle cap x35


Katrina appears only in Fallout.


Katrina will say dialogue concerning the abduction of Tandi during the Stop the Radscorpions quest. Similarly, during the quest to rescue Tandi, she will instead say dialogue concerning the radscorpions. [verified]

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