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Karl Oslow was the founder and CEO of Mass Fusion before the Great War.


Before starting Mass Fusion, Oslow worked for six years as an electrical engineer for Poseidon Energy.[1] In an effort to move away from traditional methods of energy distribution, he left and founded Mass Fusion in 2043.[1] Partnered with the U.S. military, Oslow pushed forward on a project known as the "Beryllium Agitator."

Against the advice of research lead Dr. Noel Chandrich, project development was accelerated.[2] In addition, Chandrich clashed with Oslow once the intention to hand over the end product to the military was made clear.[3] After a series of setbacks and safety measures ignored to facilitate the deadline, the project was completed on time by Chandrich's team in August 2077.[4][5] Oslow subsequently fired the research lead on September 5.[6]


Karl Oslow is mentioned only in Fallout 4.