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Kanawha Psychiatric

Kanawha Psychiatric was a psychiatrist's office that was based out of Charleston, West Virginia. It operated before and after the Great War.


Kanawha Psychiatric's most common patients were office workers and politicians from the Charleston Capitol Building, often suffering from anxiety and depression.[1] Its head psychiatrist, Doctor Joseph, also saw unique cases, like that of "Daniel Boone," described by the doctor as "hillfolk," who believed he was the real folk hero,[2] and P. Davis, an Anchorage veteran requiring surveillance from state police.[3]

The office continued to operate after the Great War, and saw its patients range from L. Terrence, a man who suffered a mental breakdown from a mutation,[4] to Melody Larkin, a senior member of the Responders.[5]


Kanawha Psychiatric is mentioned only in Fallout 76.