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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Torr Buckner, son of Ardin Buckner in Klamath.


{100}{}{You see a very large man covered in dust with a small smile and a blank look on his face.}
{101}{}{You see Torr Buckner, the town simpleton.}
{102}{}{You see a large, muscular man in dirty clothing, covered with dirt and dust,
 with a beatific smile upon his face.}

{110}{}{You bad. You hurt Torr. Go away now!}
{111}{}{Go bad person! No hurt Torr.}
{112}{}{Owwww! Go away!}
{113}{}{Stop hurt Torr.}
{114}{}{Torr good. No hurt Torr}
{115}{}{Torr hurt. Bad mans! Bad mans go away!}

{120}{}{Torr help! (Please help me. There’s some sort of creature preventing me from escaping from this
{121}{}{Torr help!}
{122}{}{ Torr Help. (I’m coming to help you, Torr. Just hold on a bit longer!)}
{123}{}{I’m trying to help you, Torr.}

{130}{}{Squea Squea bad! Hep Torr! (Watch out for the Spirit that Walks! We can talk after you get me
 out of here.)}
{131}{}{Squea Squea! Ack! Spirit Bad! Hep Torr! Torr go now!}
{132}{}{Ook Torr. (Sound thinking, Torr. Let’s get out of here.)}
{133}{}{We can talk later. Let’s just get out of here now.}

{140}{}{Me Torr (I’m Torr. Can I help you with anything?)}
{141}{}{Me Torr}
{142}{}{You Torr (Hello, Torr. I do have a few questions for you.)}
{143}{}{Nice to meet you, Torr. Anything interesting happening here lately?}

{150}{}{Me guard moo-moos from bugmen. (I guard our family’s brahmin herd from ferocious nocturnal
 attacks by bipedal, carapaced creatures that I call bugmen.)}
{151}{}{Me guard moo-moos from bugmen.}
{152}{}{Gugmen? (Bugmen? Well, that seems an appropriate appellation from your description. Tell me
 more about that.)}

{160}{}{Bugmen take moo-moos at night. Torr scared! Hep Torr? (Well, as I said, they are nocturnal in
 their feeding habits. I sure could use some assistance in guarding the grahmin. Will you kill any
 bugmen that you see near the brahmin?)}
{161}{}{Bugmen take moo-moos at night. Torr scared! Hep Torr?}
{162}{}{Hep Torr hep moo-moo. (Yes, of course I’ll help you fend of the predation of your family’s
 brahmin by these nefarious bugmen.)}
{163}{}{Bugmen bad. No hep Torr. (Hmm, I don’t think I can help you with the bugmen just now, Torr.
 But I do wish you the very best of luck with them. Goodbye.)}
{164}{}{Uh...sure, Torr. I can help you guard the brahmin.}
{165}{}{I can’t (shaking head at Torr) help you with that. Goodbye.}
{166}{}{Traygu Oo? (Before we get into that Torr, do you know of a trader that lives here in town?)}

{170}{}{You hep Torr. Moo-moos field (points east of here) dark yes? (smiles) (Thanks for your
 assistance. I can really use your help tonight.)}
{171}{}{You hep Torr. Moo-moos field. (points east of here) dark yes? (smiles)}
{172}{}{ Hep Torr. (I’ll meet you in the pasture to the east of downtown at sunset.)}
{173}{}{Torr? (I’ll help you guard your brahmin, but I have some other questions for you, as well.)}
{174}{}{I’ll help you guard the Brahmin tonight, Torr. See you in the pasture east of town, right around
 sunset. Goodbye.}
{175}{}{I can’t help you guard the brahmin tonight, Torr. Goodbye.}

{180}{}{Torr tell? (What would you like to know, my friend?)}
{181}{}{ here! (Tell me what’s going on around here.)}
{182}{}{ Zzzzzzz. Ook? (I need a place to stay, please.)}
{183}{}{Want! (you point at things)(Where can I barter?)}
{184}{}{Bar-ba Eden? (Have you ever heard of a Garden of Eden Creation Kit?)}
{185}{}{Go Torr. (That’s all I need to know for now. Goodbye, Torr.)}

{190}{}{Ook! Ugmen, Ulik ribal, Smiley mook. (Well, there’s my bugmen problem. Then there’s Sulik, the
 tribal, that my mom is making work off a debt -— I think sis is in love with him. Mom’s boyfriend,
 a fellow named Smiley, is missing someplace out to the west. Quite exciting here, lately.)}
{191}{}{Torr? (There is a lot going on here. Let me ask you something else.)}
{192}{}{Ook! (That’s enough information for now. Goodbye.)}

{200}{}{Zzzzz? Torr Zzzzz. (Well, you’re welcome to sleep in my room -— no charge.)}
{201}{}{Torr Zzzzzz? (You’ll let me stay with you? That’s very generous of you; I’ll take you up on that
 right now. I’m all done in. Thanks.)}
{202}{}{Zzzzz? (I don’t think I need to sleep right now. Maybe another time. I do have some other
 questions for you, though.)}
{203}{}{Zzzzz No Torr. (I don’t really want to sleep now. Thanks for your generous offer, though.
 Goodbye for now, my friend.)}

{210}{}{Uckner! Zoogy (I think you’ll get the best prices right here at my family’s place. You’ll only
 get laughed at in the Golden Gecko.)}
{211}{}{Uckner Zoogy? (Thanks. I’ll do my shopping here. Let me ask you something else.)}
{212}{}{Zoogy no. (Good advice. I don’t think I need anything else right now, though. Goodbye.)}

{220}{}{Jeannie? Gick Vic (So you want a GECK, huh? Weren’t those originally issued to vaults? I don’t
 know where you’d find one, but if anyone does it would be Vic, the trader. He specializes in prewar
 things. He lives in the northeast part of Klamath.)}
{221}{}{Bellows, Gick Vic? (Thanks for the low down on that. I’ll have to give Vic a try. Let me ask
 you something else.)}
{222}{}{Roger? Gick Vic, Haji! (Thanks; I think I’ll go look for him now. Goodbye.)}

{229}{}{Torr like }
{230}{}{. Torr thank. Bugmen bad, no let bugmen eat moo-moos! (Thanks so much for helping me out. These
 bugmen give me the creeping willies. I hope we can keep any brahmin from being lost.)}
{231}{}{. Torr thank. Bugmen bad, no let bugmen eat moo-moos!}
{232}{}{Torr. (I’m sure that they won’t take your brahmin if we’re both here.)}
{233}{}{I hope we can put a stop to these things attacking your moo-moos. Uh, I mean brahmin. I don’t
 think anything would attack with both of us here.}
{234}{}{Actually, I’m here to warn you. I saw some Bugmen just on the other side of that rock. As a
 friend, I’ll watch the moo-moos for you, while you run for help.}

{240}{}{Ook? Hep moo-moos hep Torr? No bugmen! Bugmen bad! (Are you here to help me guard the brahmin
 from the assault of the Bugmen?)}
{241}{}{Ook? Hep moo-moos hep Torr? No bugmen! Bugmen bad!}
{242}{}{ hep moo-moos hep Torr (Yes, I’m here to help you guard the brahmin against the bugmen. They
 won’t get one of them with the two of us on the job.)}
{243}{}{No hep. (I’m sorry, I’m just wandering around. I’m not really here to help you. Goodbye.)}
{244}{}{Uh, yes; I’m here to help you guard the brahmin -- that is, the moo-moos -- from the bugmen.}
{245}{}{Actually, I’m here to warn you. I saw some bugmen just on the other side of that rock. As a
 friend, I’ll watch the moo-moos for you, while you run for help.}
{246}{}{Sorry, Torr. I’m too busy to stand around with a bunch of brahmin, whether they’ve got two legs
 or four.}

{249}{}{Torr love }
{250}{}{. Torr love ma. Torr love fa. (I’m so happy you found me. I was really thinking that I was
 going to buy the farm that time.)}
{251}{}{. Torr love ma. Torr love fa.}
{252}{}{Torr good. (It wasn’t anything, really. I’m sure you’d have done the same for me. Let me ask
 you something, though.)}
{253}{}{Torr heh, heh, heh. (Well, you looked pretty funny there, stranded by that automaton. Just be
 more careful next time. Goodbye.)}
{254}{}{Torr, you be careful now, okay? Okay, then. Goodbye, Torr.}
{255}{}{You have no idea what I’m saying, do you? You stupid moron. You almost got me killed. Goodbye,
 and good riddance.}

{260}{}{Bugmen bad. Torr scared.}
{261}{}{Torr see bugmen hurt moo-moo.}
{262}{}{Moo-moos hurt!}
{263}{}{Bugmen come from canyon.}
{264}{}{Torr see dead bugmen.}
{265}{}{Heh heh heh.}
{267}{}{Duntons bad.}
{268}{}{Jerky good.}
{269}{}{Torr strong.}
{274}{}{I gotta pee.}

{279}{}{Torr see }
{280}{}{! (Hello again, friend. Can I help you with anything?)}
{281}{}{ see Torr! (Well, actually, I did have some questions for you.)}
{282}{}{Torr, bye. (Nice to see you again, Torr. I’m just ambling through. Goodbye for now.)}

{300}{}{Torr go get hep! (Torr scampers off into the night, leaving you alone with the moo-moos, uh,
{301}{}{Bugs dead. Moo-moos safe. Torr thank-you.}

{400}{}{You hep Torr. Moo-moos field (points east of here) now yes? (smiles) (Thanks for your
 assistance. I can really use your help.)}
{401}{}{You hep Torr. Moo-moos field. (points east of here) now yes? (smiles)}
{402}{}{ Hep Torr. (I’ll go with you to the pasture east of downtown.)}
{404}{}{I’ll help you guard the brahmin now, Torr.}
{405}{}{I can't help you guard the brahmin now, Torr.}

{500}{}{Stop hurt moo-moos.}
{501}{}{Torr help moo-moos.}
{502}{}{Bad woman, bad! No hurt moo-moos!}
{503}{}{Go way, bad man.}
{504}{}{Bad woman, bad! Go way!}
{505}{}{Bad mans, bad! No hurt moo-moos!}
{506}{}{No hurt Torr's moo-moos!}
{507}{}{Torr coming to save moo-moos!}

{600}{}{Torr, thank. Torr okay now. You go.}

{700}{}{Tragu? Oo Kramat? Ick boo Den. (A trader here in Klamath? Why yes, Vic trades in
 antiquities for the most part. He's not in town right now. I think he might be trading
 things at the Den. That's south of here.)}
{701}{}{Groo! (Thanks so much, Torr. Now what were you saying about your predators?)}
{702}{}{Grok! Torr! (Thanks so much, Torr. You're a prince amongst men. I need to be
 leaving but I wish you the best of luck with your cattle production. Goodbye, friend Torr.)}

{800}{}{You have succesfully rescued Torr.}