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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
Check Accuracy Verification: Transcript direct from game files as of 00:46, 2 August 2023 (UTC).

Dialogue for Whiskey Bob, a moonshiner in Klamath Downtown.



{100}{}{You see an older man with a scraggly beard and a big red nose.}
{101}{}{You see Whiskey Bob.}

{110}{}{Howdy, my name’s Whiskey Bob. What’s yours, fella?}
{111}{}{Ain’t you a cute little thing. My name’s Bob, Whiskey Bob -- what’s yours?}
{112}{}{Whicky Gob? Zug, zug?}
{113}{}{Shiny nose (heh, heh)}
{114}{}{Me }

{120}{}{You ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, are ya? Well, nice talking to you anyhow. So long.}
{121}{}{Sweetheart, you break my heart every time you open your mouth. Maybe some other time I can
 take you back to Trapper Town and I’ll show you my etchings (heh, heh). Bye, cutie.}

{130}{}{Well, mister, maybe I’ll be seeing you around here later. Bye.}
{131}{}{Well, hope to see you again ‘round here, cute stuff. Goodbye}

{140}{}{Humph, if you’re not gonna be any drinking buddy of mine, then git.}
{141}{}{Humph, I think that I’d rather go to Sally’s bathhouse than spend time with you. Now git.}

{150}{}{Howdy stranger, my name’s Whiskey Bob. What’s yours?}
{151}{}{My name’s }
{152}{}{. Nice to meet you Whiskey Bob.}
{153}{}{I’m }
{154}{}{. What’s happening here in town?}
{155}{}{I don’t think you need to know my name.}

{160}{}{Always nice to find another drinking buddy. Wanna buy me a drink? Talking always makes me
{161}{}{Sure, Bob. Don’t mind a bit.}
{162}{}{I can’t afford to right now.}
{163}{}{I don’t want to buy you a drink, Whiskey Bob.}
{164}{}{With a nickname like yours, Whiskey Bob, maybe you should be providing the drinks.}

{170}{}{Thanks for the drink, partner. Now that my whistle’s wet, I feel that I can share a little
 problem I have. Hey -- maybe you can help me out?}
{171}{}{Well, I’m pretty busy right now. I don’t think I can help you out.}
{172}{}{How can I help you out?}
{173}{}{If it won’t take too long, I guess I could help you. For a price, of course.}
{174}{}{I might be able to help you, as long as it’s not too dangerous.}
{175}{}{Anything unusual going on in town lately?}

{180}{}{Looks as though you’re purse has run dry. You don’t have enough money to buy old Bob a drink.}

{190}{}{Well, you see, I have a little side business that I need some help attending to. I have a
 moonshine still outside of town that needs to be fueled up every so often. Since a gecko done bit my
 leg, I can’t hobble out to it before it runs out of fuel. If I tell you where it is, would you refuel
 it for me? It’s worth $50 to me.}
{191}{}{That doesn’t sound too bad -- tell me more.}
{192}{}{I don’t think I want to do that for you. Sorry, Whiskey Bob.}

{200}{}{Now then, it’s not going to take you too long and it’s not too dangerous at all. Probably. You
 want to hear about it or not?}
{201}{}{OK, go ahead and tell me about it.}
{202}{}{I think I’ve heard enough. Goodbye.}

{210}{}{Fair enough. You’re a sharp one, there’s no denying it. Here’s some booze. Now in return, you
 get to listen to my little problem.}

{220}{}{All you have to do is find a little shack just south of town. Go inside and dump some firewood
 into the still. Then come back here and I’ll give you your money. But it needs to be done within the
 next day, or my batch of hootch will go bad.}
{221}{}{That sounds pretty easy. OK, I’ll do it.}
{222}{}{I don’t want to help you with this. Sorry, Bob.}
{223}{}{$50 doesn’t sound like nearly enough for a job like that.}

{230}{}{You’ll do it? Great. Remember, you gotta do it soon or my hootch will go bad. Thanks a heap.
 See you back here soon.}
{231}{}{No problem, Bob. See you in a day. }
{232}{}{Happy to help. But first, tell me what’s going on in town lately.}

{240}{}{Well, you’re a sharp deal maker and there’s no denying it. OK, I’ll make it $65. Will you do it?}
{241}{}{Nice try there, but $50 is all the job’s worth to me. Heck, I can’t afford to pay any more. }
{242}{}{OK, I’ll do it.}
{243}{}{I don’t want to do it for that money. My time’s worth much more.}

{250}{}{Hello there, feller. Back to see Whiskey Bob again, huh? Ready to talk about drinks and
 business and suchlike?}
{251}{}{Hey there, gal. Want to talk to Whiskey Bob again about drinks and business and such? I’ll
 let you sit on my lap! (heh, heh) Just kidding.}
{252}{}{Sure, Bob - tell me about drinks and business.}
{253}{}{I think I had enough of that the last time.}

{260}{}{Finished fueling my still? Naw, I don’t reckon that you have yet. Well be sure and come back
 when you have.}

{270}{}{Somebody done smashed up my still! And you’re the only person I told about it. Why, if I were
 a younger feller, more full of piss and vinegar, I’d have a mind to teach you a lesson. Just get out of
 my sight, you double-crosser!}

{280}{}{Well, thanks for refueling my still for me. Here’s your $50,
 too. Got any questions that I can answer for you?}
{281}{}{Thanks. Now I don’t have to gimp on out there myself -- even if it did cost me $65. Here’s your
 money. Any questions that I can answer for you?}
{282}{}{Yes. Tell me what’s going on in town lately.}
{283}{}{No thanks, Bob. I think I know what I need to already.}

{290}{}{All sorts of things going on hereabouts lately. We’ve got brahmin mutilators, walking spirits,
 gigantical rats, and missing people. Some even say the Den’s involved.}
{291}{}{Tell me about the brahmin mutilations.}
{292}{}{Tell me all about the walking spirits.}
{293}{}{Gigantical rats? I’ve gotta hear more about those.}
{294}{}{A den? What kind of den?}
{295}{}{Missing people? Tell me more.}
{296}{}{I need to ask you about something else. Have you ever heard of something called a Garden of Eden
 Creation Kit?}
{297}{}{I don’t think I need to listen to all of that right now.}
{298}{}{Sure, Bob, and let me tell you about a fish as tall as I am that I caught in a rain barrel.}

{310}{}{Thanks for helping me out with my still. I should be able to do it myself when my leg heals
 just a bit. Have any questions for an old bar-hound like myself?}
{311}{}{Well, I have been wondering about some of the rumors I’ve heard around town.}
{312}{}{I don’t think I need any more information just now, Bob.}

{320}{}{They say that critters that look like giant man-shaped bugs, in a shell and everything, are
 mutilating brahmin at night. All they find are the torn open, horribly hacked up brahmin corpses.}
{321}{}{That sounds horrible.}

{330}{}{A few people have seen the bugmen, but the one who’s got the best look was Torr, the Buckner’s
 boy. What he saw scared him half out of his wits, and the poor lad is a bit shy in that department
{331}{}{Incredible! Let me ask about something else.}
{332}{}{I think that’s all I need to hear for now, good-bye.}

{340}{}{There’s a canyon just to the west of town that had a bright light in it a few months back. Ever
 since, every now and then, there’s been a horrible squealing sound that comes from the canyon. Brahmin
 that wander in don’t come back. Everyone’s afraid to get too near.}
{341}{}{Yes, surely a sign of spirit infestation. If only you had a competent shaman. Tell me about
 something else.}
{342}{}{That’s enough for now. I think I’ll just ponder on this for a while. Goodbye.}

{350}{}{Well, out back of Trapper Town, just to the west of downtown, there’s a back section that’s
 overrun by rats. The further back you, go the bigger they get. Some say that there’s one huge great
 rat spirit that’s leading them all. Some of the trappers won’t even stay there anymore. They say it’s
 too dangerous.}
{351}{}{Trappers ousted by rats? Tell me about some of the other things.}
{352}{}{Afraid of rats. Hmm, must be different rats than the ones we have at home. I’ve heard enough.

{360}{}{Not ‘A den,’ - ‘The Den.’ You’ll not find a greater hive of scum and villainy. Now where did I
 hear that? In any case, it’s a rough sort of place a few days travel south of Klamath. Anything can
 be had there for a price...even slaves. But you have to be very careful there -— lots of short tempers
 attached to dangerous weapons. I don’t think they have much to do with us, though; we’re too poor here.}
{361}{}{I think I’d be safe enough there; I know how to handle myself. Let me ask you about something
 else, though.}
{362}{}{I’ve heard enough for now, Whiskey Bob. Goodbye.}

{370}{}{Lately, we’ve had a couple of people go missing. A trader, named Vic, who specialized in
 pre-war stuff, and one of our best trappers.}
{371}{}{Tell me more about the trader some call…Vic?}
{372}{}{I want to know more about the trapper.}
{373}{}{Let me ask you about something else.}
{374}{}{That’s all I need to know. Goodbye, Whiskey Bob.}

{380}{}{Well, Vic was quite a fella. He didn’t like to work too much, so he would specialize in
 expensive pre-war things and then go sell them to the Den -- or even hawk them to stupid tribals as
 religious artifacts (chuckles to himself). Oops, no offense. Anyhow, I haven’t seen him for a while.
 Last I heard, he went south to sell some stuff. Maybe to the Den.}
{381}{}{What about the missing trapper?}
{382}{}{Let me ask you about something else, Bob.}
{383}{}{Thanks, I’ve got to think on what you’ve told me. Goodbye, Whiskey Bob.}

{390}{}{The real person to tell you about the missing trapper would be Mrs. Buckner. She and Smiley
 were pretty close. He went north to look for the cave of the golden geckos and hasn’t been seen since.
 That was a while back, too.}
{391}{}{What about the missing trader?}
{392}{}{Hmm, intersting. Tell me about something else, though.}
{393}{}{That’s enough for me for now. Goodbye, Whiskey Bob.}

{400}{}{I sure wish you had kept your word to me. You didn’t get to my still in time and my latest
 batch of hootch is plum ruined! I don’t want to have anything more to do with you and I hope no one
 else does, either.}
{401}{}{But I, I thought I had more time….}
{402}{}{It probably tastes the same whether I refueled the still or not.}
{403}{}{Your hootch tastes like dogpiss anyway.}
{404}{}{The fuel didn’t seem to provide a flame of the correct temperature for proper fermentation.}

{410}{}{I don’t want to hear your damn excuses. Just get the heck out of my sight! But I’ll tell you
 one thing; everyone’s going to know just how worthless your word is before I’m through.}

{420}{}{A Garden of Eden Creation Kit? Why I think I saw one of those listed on a page of an old
 catalog I was looking through while I was sitting down, out back. But I don’t know much more about it
 than that.}
{421}{}{Really? I’d like to see that catalog.}

{430}{}{Uh, (embarrassed) I kind of used that page to take care of some business, if you know what I
{431}{}{Business? Oh, that kind of business. I prefer old newspaper, myself. Oh well, tell me something
 else, then.}
{432}{}{Damn, I thought I was so close. I guess that’s enough disappointment for now. Goodbye, Bob.}

{500}{}{Howdy, what can I do for you?}
{501}{}{What is going on around here?}
{502}{}{Nothing, thanks.}

{550}{}{Bob doesn't seem to want to talk to you.}