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Jonathan "Jon" Root is an actor who voiced the Kovac-Muldoon Platform, Ford, the Build-A-Bot stations in Bots on Parade, and other additional voices in Fallout 76.


Fallout series

2018Fallout 76Kovac-Muldoon Platform
Build-A-Bot stations (Bots on Parade)
Additional voices

Other work

2013Grand Theft Auto VAdditional Voices
2013Call of Duty: GhostsAdditional Voices
2014Fatal InstinctOfficer Stevens
2016Brooklyn Nine-NineAgent Ryan Whealon
2016The ThundermansCoach Gibbons
2016Stalking LeVarDoctor Elevator
2017Henry DangerMr. Kelvin
2019Roads, Trees and Honey BeesBrad Anderson
2020Final Fantasy VII RemakeReeve Tuesti