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Ha! I like your style. A little sloppy, but it works. Consider yourself a friend of the raiders. Leave my sight now.Garl Death-Hand complimenting the Vault Dweller's loyalty

Join the Khans is a side quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Join the Khans
Speak to Garl Death-Hand about joining the Khans.
Kill the Khans prisoners.
Talk to Garl Death-Hand again.
Reward: 500 XP
-2 Reputation

Detailed walkthrough

Upon entering the main building of the Khans' camp and talking to Garl Death-Hand, the leader of the Khans, the Vault Dweller must tell him that they want to join, and "kick some serious ass" (choosing any other dialogue option will only provoke hostility with the Khans). Garl will then proceed to tell the Vault Dweller that he is tired of his female slaves and that they must prove themselves by killing them.

Doing so is easy, as they will not attack back and instead run away. However, they must be killed without either of them leaving the camp, as the Khans will be upset if that happens. Once both are dead, Garl will name the Vault Dweller a "friend of the Khans" and grant them free access to the camp.



  • Completion of this quest will render the quests "Free the Slaves" and "Rescue Tandi from the Raiders" impossible to complete.
  • If the Vault Dweller is male and has a Luck of 8 or higher, he may be mistaken for Garl's father, making the quest unobtainable.