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Jericho (Fallout 3)

Thank Christ. I thought I was gonna grow a fourth arm sitting next to all this fucking radiation.

Jericho is a former Raider, a recruitable companion, and a resident of Megaton in Fallout 3.


Jericho was originally a wasteland raider who "lied, stole, and murdered with the best of them".[Pub 1] He left his past behind him and settled down in Megaton[Pub 1] after growing tired of the "killing, stealing and violence".[1] Spending "too much of [his] life" in the wasteland, he is distrustful of "every jackass nobody that wanders in" from outside.[2] He states he was a "real bastard back then"[3] and that there's "nothing but bullshit out there".[1] Though he states he is a "washed up old Raider", he expresses that he does "miss it sometimes", remarking it to be a "life of freedom".[4]

Jericho mentions that he has used ranged weapons for "25 goddamn years."[5] He defends Megaton from raider attacks, claiming to be "the best shot in town with a rifle".[6][7] He does work for Colin Moriarty,[Pub 1][6] though calls him a "ratfuck bastard".[8] Jericho is interested in Nova, but is told by her boss, Moriarty, that "things between [them]" should remain "on a professional level.[9][10] He refrains from sharing his past due to a "fear someone may try to get revenge" on him,[Pub 1] though town residents such as Jenny Stahl are aware of his prior affiliation.[11][12][13]


Jericho, 65, was once a Raider, and he lied, stole, and murdered with the best of them. But now he’s an old man and, miraculously, is still alive. He was smart enough to settle down in Megaton and leave his old life behind him. He is reluctant to reveal his history for fear someone may try to get revenge. He hangs around Moriarty’s, and rumors circulate that Jericho has done a few nasty jobs for the man.Fallout 3 Official Game Guide/Wasteland Census

Interactions overview

Paving the Way.png
This character is a permanent companion.

Effects of player's actions

  • If Megaton is blown up during the quest The Power of the Atom while Jericho is in the player's party, he will walk to the Megaton ruins and stay in front of the crater, if dismissed. He comments on the town's destruction.[14]
  • Jericho can be recruited as a companion with evil Karma. When asked to join the player character's party, he requests 1000 caps for "supplies" before he will join. He will remain with the player even if their Karma level improves. If dismissed, he can be rehired free of charge.
  • If given 20 caps, Jericho shares that Moriarty locks Gob and Nova's earnings inside a locker with a key around his neck. While the key is unused in the game, the locker itself can be lockpicked.


Fallout 3


  • If Jericho survives the destruction of Megaton and witnesses the player character kill Moira Brown at the Megaton ruins, he will become hostile. If he is currently employed when Moira is killed, he becomes hostile as soon as he is dismissed.
  • If the player kills all of Megaton's inhabitants with Jericho as a companion, he will not attack them. If the player kills the Brahmin outside the clinic or steal from his house, then fire him afterwards, he will become hostile.
  • If first spoken to while wearing the Vault 101 Jumpsuit, he will call the Lone Wanderer a "pampered vault asshole" instead of a "wasteland asshole."
  • If the player maintains good Karma while traveling with Jericho, he will comment about this.[15]
  • During the quest The American Dream, Jericho will exit the player's party and return to Megaton.
  • Generic megaton settlers may comment on Jericho's past as a raider.[13]
  • Jericho has a terminal entry on the at Moriarty's Saloon, revealing an incident he had with Jenny Stahl.[16]
  • Jericho comments about being a smoker.[17]



Jericho appears in Fallout 3 and in Fallout Shelter.


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    Nova: "Sorry, hon. I'm a lifer here. Just go drink your drink."
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