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Jason Linere-White

Jason Linere-White is an actor who voiced Scribe Grant, Edward Hayes, Sam Blackwell, Major Ragnarsdottir and other additional voices in Fallout 76.


Fallout series

2018Fallout 76Scribe Grant
Edward Hayes
Sam Blackwell
Major Ragnarsdottir
Additional voices

Other work

2016Bolt Riley - A Reggae AdventureBolt Riley
2018Shaq Fu: A Legend RebornFrizzle / Babyface / Con-Ye
2018Lego DC Super-VillainsKid Flash
2018Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseAdditional Voices
2019World War ZTashaun
2019Rage 2Gunbarrel Patron / Shrouded Assault / Arkist / Driver