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It's been almost two months, and we're all doing pretty good, even if we are all alone. There's a door that leads to a Vault, right here in the caverns. Every day we bang and bang, but they won't let us in. We can hear them in there! One time, a guy on the other side told us we were dead already. Fuck those grown ups. Fuck them all. We don't need them ever again.Jason, My diary - second entry

Jason Grant, 10 years old, was one of the founding members of the community of Little Lamplight, and elected its first mayor in January 2078. Before the Great War on October 23, 2077, he was a fourth grade student in Carrie Delaney's class at Early Dawn Elementary. On that fateful day, he was part of a field trip to Lamplight Caverns when the War broke out.


Jason Grant was one of the 82 children who, along with a group of adult chaperones, survived the Great War by taking shelter in tourist attraction Lamplight Caverns. The group had been visiting Lamplight that morning on a school field trip.

In the first four days following the War, several of the adults ventured outside to look the help, but did not return. In the subsequent weeks, most of the remaining adults either died or also left for help and did not return.

One month after the War, Grant recorded a journal entry indicating that his Early Dawn teacher Carrie Delaney, the last remaining adult in Lamplight Caverns, had left that morning and had not returned, leaving the traumatized children to survive on their own. Confident and charismatic, Grant assumed leadership of the group and began organizing survival efforts, successfully improving their situation despite the lack of adult supervision.

The children began exploring the caves, and in December 2077 discovered the back entrance to Vault 87. They beat on the doors and pleaded to be allowed inside, only to be responded to by a voice saying that they "were already dead". Grant, furious at all the adults who had failed and abandoned them, decided that they would never need adults again.

On January 26, 2078, the group officially began calling themselves the "city" of Little Lamplight, and elected Jason Grant as their first mayor.[1][2]


Jason Grant is mentioned only in Fallout 3.