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Jack Rockford was a project engineering intern working at Mass Fusion before the Great War. His skeleton can be found on the 28th floor of the Mass Fusion Building.


Jack joined the Mass Fusion team as an intern along with Alyssa Torres and Daniel Montgomery in September 2077. The program consisted of six months of intensive, hands-on training in the product engineering division while earning college credit.[1]

Less than three weeks later, an email was sent to the three of them with a reminder that company resources were not to be used for their personal projects. Daniel confided in Jack and Alyssa that he felt the experience was not as valuable as he thought it would be, having only been tasked with making coffee and fetching papers for Victor in the records department. He suggested that they stay after hours and work on their own projects despite, or in spite of, the email regarding company resources.[2]

The project that Jack was developing was a pair of boots known as the Freefall Legs. He was inspired by delays in elevator maintenance and lack of stairways in the building. On the day of the Great War, Jack was trapped in his office and was unable to retrieve the Freefall Legs from his safe.[3]


Jack Rockford's skeleton appears only in Fallout 4.