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The Star Father will love you if you let him.— A Hubologist

Hubology is a religion headquartered in the former city of San Francisco, and can also be found at Nuka-World. It was founded before the Great War by Dick Hubbell and follows his teachings.[1] Followers are known as Hubologists.


The religion began when Hubbell invented a process for expanding the human mind.[2][3][4] It holds that existence is based on the Great Wheel, with the Hub at the center, Hubologists as the spokes and non-believers as the rim.[5][6] Eventually, all Hubologists will be called to the heavens to live with the "Star Father" on the planet Quetzel; they plan to get there through the use of the ESS Quetzel.

Hubology belief holds that by purifying the 'neurodynes' in one's body, a person can ascend to greater levels of spiritual power and eventually transcend the material world.[7] In order to get help purifying these neurodynes, Hubologists will use scientific spirituality methods in exchange for a fee.[8][9] Through a cleansing process offered at Hubology centers called 'alignment', zeta scans remove these negative influences from members, allowing them to gain greater powers as an 'Aligned Hub Seeker' (or AHS).[10]

New recruits must donate all their worldly possessions to the Church as a sign of good faith.[11][12] The cult has a hierarchy based off the degree to which a member has devoted their time and efforts to Hubology, and the longer or more active a role, the higher the numerical rank granted.[13] Donating large sums of money to the Church of Hubology can also help one raise their AHS levels.[14] In addition to their main base in San Francisco, they also have an outpost in New California Republic.

San Francisco

Shi townspeople often remark that the Hubologists give them the creeps[15] and the Shi Emperor's head advisor Ken Lee accuses them of abducting and brainwashing the Shi,[16] leading to more tensions between them. The Hubologists hold the same disdain for the Shi, saying that the Shi are oppressives and by contesting the Hubologist's power, they wreak havoc among our brethren with their neurodyne-influencing ways.[17]

According to Hubologists, "'real' science is all a pack of lies," and people should not listen to what "scientists" say; only the Hub and AHS-9 have the answer.[18] Despite these sentiments, Dr. Crockett installed a nuclear reactor on board the ESS Quetzel as well as developed techniques to harden Power Armor.[19]

Nuka World

Instructed by the Star Father, a small group of Hubologists were lead by Dara Hubbell to Nuka-World, with the goal of controlling a UFO to escape Earth and live on the planet Quetzel.[20] The plan afterward was to return to earth to rule over mankind.[21]


Hubology is mentioned in Fallout 2 and the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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    Chosen One: "{128}{}{His latest book? Isn't he dead?}"
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    "{179}{}{So you're saying there's some higher power who creates us with a purpose and then just abandons us? I can't believe any being would be so callous. Come, embrace the Church of Hubology. Let us show you the true way.}"
    "{182}{}{Without control of your own life, though, what's the point? Nothing you do has any value. Did you choose to get up this morning? No, you're just a puppet by your own philosophy. Now, we at the church of Hubology have a true answer.}"
    "{185}{}{Oh, what a sad and empty philosophy that is! Even if it were true, the only course for you is to seek to develop yourself. It is the only thing you have any control over. The Church of Hubology can help.}"
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    "{156}{}{As long as your brain chemistry is affected by negative psychic energy, your true spiritual potential is oppressed. Worse still, oppressives can transmit this energy unless they are very, very strong-willed.}"
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    "{116}{}{[After wading through the religious gobbledygook, it appears that the Hubologists have created a means of hardening power armor. They have also found a way to compute launch trajectory, orbits, and spatial destinations. Further, it appears they're working on weather control.]}"
    "{113}{}{Future goals.}"
    "{119}{}{[You spend about half an hour reading about the goals AHS-9 is trying to achieve. In addition to enlightenment and reunion with the Star Father, it appears that he's also got no qualms about destroying humans who weren't with him from the beginning. He's a little crazy.]}"
    "{122}{}{[The Hubologist Church appears to be hugely wealthy. The standard approach is to ask a new recruit to donate all his or her worldly possessions to the Church as a sign of good faith. When someone isn't asked to do this, apparently it means the Hubologists aren't intending to deal fairly. They have a huge cache of loot stashed somewhere in the desert. You can't quite figure out the coordinates.]}"
  12. Sole Survivor: "Why do you want to capture the spaceship?"
    Dara Hubbell: "It is central to Hubology. We are destined to make it fly. More than that I cannot tell you. It is secret knowledge reserved for AHS-7 members."
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  20. Sole Survivor: "Why do you want to capture the spaceship?"
    Dara Hubbell: "The Star Father left instructions with The Hub for us to find the ship and repair it. The Star Father will guide us to our new home on the planet Quetzal, where we will live with him. Praise be to the Star Father."
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  21. Sole Survivor: "What is this final mystery?"
    Dara Hubbell: "The Star Father can free our minds of all restraints. We will be like gods, able to do unimaginable things. Then we will return to Earth to rule over mankind. It is a glorious task the Star Father has given us. Yes. We will end the scourge of neurodynes once and for all. The human race will reach it's full potential under our benevolent guidance."
    (Dara Hubbell's dialogue)
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