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Believe it or not, our city is quite safe and our police are all very highly trained peace keepers.Tony Fry

The Hub Police are the law enforcement of the Hub, headed by Sheriff Justin Greene.


Local members of the Hub, the Hub Police force are the main governing force of the Hub. Officers are spread throughout each district except for the Heights, where Mr. Hightower's guards are left alone. They patrol the wasteland in groups, ensuring that the caravans come to the Hub. The police station is located in the downtown area of the Hub.


Sheriff Justin Greene runs the Hub Police, and Deputy Tony Fry is his right-hand man. Deputy Fry watches things near the entrance of the Hub, while Justin Greene and Deputy Kenny are both in the downtown police station, with several other guards.


The Vault Dweller can receive the Dispose of merchant or Dispose of Jain quest from talking to Decker, they can then report the crime to Sheriff Greene. If the crime has already been committed, the sheriff will be suspicious, but the Vault Dweller can talk their way out of it and the sheriff will offer for them to go along with him and take out Decker and all his guards in the underground hideout. The Vault Dweller will be given 300 bottle caps to start, and awarded an additional 1,000 when the duty is completed.


  • If the Vault Dweller turns the Hub Police force hostile, they will not be able to leave without being in combat mode.
  • If any Hub Police member is attacked, even those in the wasteland patrols, they will turn the police force hostile.
  • The Dispose of merchant and Dispose of Jain quests are never logged in the Pip-boy

Behind the scenes

One of Justin Greene's dialogue files is a reference to the TV show South Park, where one of the main characters, Kenny McCormick would frequently die throughout the show, on which his friends would comment "They killed Kenny!" and "You bastard(s)!"[1]



  1. Justin Greene: "{106}{}{Oh my God! They killed Kenny! Those bastards!}"