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If you need a place to stay, there's an old motel further into town. The beds there are still pretty soft, err, even if it's because they're full of lice...Tobar

The Homestead Motel is a location in Point Lookout. Only three motel rooms and the office are accessible.


The Homestead Motel's sign advertised 72 TV channels and free air conditioning, accommodating tourists visiting Point Lookout. One of the rooms, 1D, was the safehouse of Dr. Jiang, a Chinese agent pretending to defect to the United States.


The exterior of the motel complex has entrances to rooms on both sides of the building, only three rooms and the office are accessible. Three vicious dogs are found in the parking lot.

The office is on the outer south side of the motel grounds. The motel has a back room, an area behind the counter, as well as a unisex bathroom to the right upon entering the door. There are no beds in this room. The keys to the other rooms can be found here.

  • Room 1D: The safe house of Dr. Jiang, contains a bed with a skeleton as well as a safehouse terminal. Upon reading it, the quest The Velvet Curtain will begin.
  • Room 1G: On the inner north side of the motel grounds, to the right of Room 1D. The remains of one individual are found behind the bed next to a double-barrel shotgun and more remains are next to a sawed-off shotgun in the bathroom. Pre-War money is strewn on the floor and in the suitcase in the bathroom.
  • Room 1K: Located on the outer north side of the motel grounds and includes crucified corpses, several skeletons, and a Pint-Sized Slasher mask in the bathtub.


Motel office

Room 1D

Room 1G

  • 24 stacks of pre-War money - 11 on the floor, bed, bathroom floor, and 13 in the suitcase in the bathroom.

Room 1K

Related quest


  • Rooms 1D, 1G, and 1K can be used as player housing. Each room has a bed that can be used and containers that do not respawn.
  • All accessible rooms have a light next to the door.
  • Part of the sign outside the motel says "Free Breakfast" and points to a dead Mole Rat lying on the ground.


The Homestead Motel appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.