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A Highwayman is a car manufactured by the Chryslus Motors.


The car has a fully analog system with no electronics, over 800 horsepower, and reaches 60 mph in under a second.[1] It was known for great performance and reliability, and has a spacious trunk.[Pub 1] The vehicle's promotional slogan was "Nothing can stop a Highwayman."[2]

The flow of power is regulated by a mandatory fuel cell controller,[3] which is also the one part that tends to break down the most, usually burning out due to rapid acceleration.[4][5] A fuel cell regulator was an optional upgrade that some drivers installed to improve the mileage while others didn't concern themselves with energy usage.[6][7]

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  1. Chop Shop mechanic: "{306}{}{The Highwayman's a sweet car; Chryslus sure knew how to make them back then.}"
    "{317}{}{The Highwayman's got a full analog system, 800 + Horsepower, 0 to 60 in less than a second.}"
    "{318}{}{Fast? The Highwayman goes from 0 to 60 in less than a second.}"
    "{319}{}{The Highwayman's got the power: 800+, in fact.}"
    "{322}{}{I wouldn't sweat it; the Highwayman's got a full analog system and no computers. None of the fancy stuff.}"
  2. Smitty: "{330}{}{Well, you see, I've got this car, a Chrysalis Motors Highwayman. She's a beaut, too. They used to say "Nothing can stop a Highwayman." Built tough, that's what they were.}"
    "{470}{}{Why, it's none other than this Chrysalis Motors Highwayman. They used ta say that "Nothing can stop a Highwayman." They shore built 'em tough, I'll say that for 'em.}"
  3. "{101}{}{Currently, this car doesn't appear to be functional, it needs a fuel cell controller.}"
  4. Chosen One: "{201}{}{Do you have a battery that I could use to fix a car?}"
    Skeeter: "{120}{}{Funny you should ask that. Ya see, cars use replaceable fuel cells, or batteries, for fuel. What usually broke down was the Fuel Cell Controller. Most amateur mechanics jist assume that it’s the battery itself. But you know what ass-uming things does, dontcha?}"
  5. PRO ITEM.MSG: "{25300}{}{Fuel Cell Controller}"
    "{25301}{}{This chip controls the flow of power into a car's electric engines. Many drivers quickly burnt out this chip through frequent rapid acceleration. Still a valuable part to have-- if you only had a car to install it in.}"
  6. Smitty: "{430}{}{Hey there, how's that car runnin' for ya?}"
    The Chosen One: "{431}{}{Pretty good, Smitty, but I found this part for the car and I don't know what to do with it.}"
    Smitty: "{450}{}{Well now, that's a fuel cell regulator. That'll give you better mileage per energy cell. I could put that in for you, if you had say $750 for my trouble.}"
  7. PRO ITEM.MSG: "{25400}{}{Fuel Cell Regulator}"
    "{25401}{}{Some car-owners installed this regulator, that doubles your car's mileage between charges, but most drivers didn't care how much juice their cars consumed, after all, power's cheap and plentiful so why worry.}"
  1. Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets pp. 93-94: "Chrysalis Motors Highwayman
    One of the most useful items that you'll find is this shining example of American iron. The Chrysalis Motors Highwayman was once renowned for its high performance and durability. "Nothing can stop a Highwayman" was a phrase familiar to most drivers. The motto still holds true today. If you repair the car with a part that you'll find in Gecko, you can fuel it with standard energy cells and use it to move quickly across the world map, well equipped to outrun most enemies that you'll find.
    Towns in the post-apocalyptic world don't allow motor vehicles on their streets, citing something about aged fuel cells exploding. However, parking your Highwayman on the outskirts of town gives you access to a quick getaway as well as a secure storage spot for your goodies within the car's spacious trunk."