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Hello again! Come, come, do not stand there looking ridiculous. Let us trade.— Hieronymous

Hieronymous is a Ghoul living in Los.


He is a merchant that inhabits the first area of Los the player comes to. He is not very civil to the Initiate when they first meet, but he offers the ability to fight in the Gladiator Pit for a few caps, and sells weapons such as the Combat Shotgun and combat armor.

He has a twin brother Salieri.


These twin traders cornered the weapons market in Los. They’re so rich, in fact, that they opened up a gladiator sport where contestants earn caps for capping monsters for a paying audience. Sweet talk these brothers, do their errands, and you'll receive a fat discount on their wares.Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Official Strategy Guide

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Deliver a package - Salieri sends the player character out to deliver an explosive package to his brother Hieronymous, in order to eliminate competition. Upon returning to Salieri, the Initiate is informed Hieronymous is deceased because his brother wanted to eliminate the competition. Returning to Hieronymous will reveal no remains, but there will be a free Combat Shotgun on the ground the Inititate can use. Note that the player does not have to return all the way to Salieri to summon the shotgun, the player can simply deliver the package and either talk to Hieronymous and exit his arena mission, or enter another nearby map and return, in order to summon it.
  • Gladiator Pit - Defeat enemies in the pit, 21 rounds maximum, 50,000 caps max reward.

Behind the scenes

In dialogue files, Salieri and Hieronymous have another brother named Pete, and the quest could go wrong if the package is delivered to him. Pete is an unused merchant who would've appeared in Los. The player could've delivered the bomb to him instead of Hieronymus during the quest Deliver a package.


Hieronymous appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.