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Henderson Residence

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The Henderson Residence is a house in the Tranquility Lane Simulation in Fallout 3. It is the residence of Mabel Henderson.


As with all houses in Tranquility Lane, it has two stories with the front door entering into the lounge, which in addition to the normal lounge furniture items, features a chandelier, Radiation King radio, and robotic assistance in the form of a Mr. Handy. The other ground level rooms are a kitchen, which contains a terminal, and a bathroom. Upstairs, the house has another bathroom and a bedroom with two single beds. At the top of the stairs, there is a roller skate found on the floor.


  • The Henderson residence contains a number of special items that can be interacted with to complete Betty's tasks, namely: the chandelier, roller skate, oven, computer terminal, and Mister Handy.
  • When first entering this residence the Lone Wanderer can detect a "radio signal" which is unnamed and cannot be received, due to the fact that they can't access their Pip-Boy 3000. This is likely because there is a radio inside which can be turned on but the option to do so was withheld during development. Only static will be heard, though.
  • If one uses console commands to noclip under the house, there's a terminal underneath it. The Lone Wanderer can talk to it, and it responds with "yeah" and "later."


The Henderson Residence appears only in Fallout 3.