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I never thought of it that way. I figured that she just didn't like boxing. I suppose I will have to talk to her more about this.Saul

Help Saul is an unmarked quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Help Saul
Witness Trish being attacked.
Speak to Saul
Speak to Trish and convince her to accept Saul's way of life.
Convince Saul that Trish is worried about her.
Reward: 250 XP

Detailed walkthrough

Go to the Skum Pitt in Junktown in the evening. Talk to the bartender, then exit the conversation. Wait for a while. Soon the Vault Dweller will witness one of the Skulz assault Trish, the barmaid. She will scream for Saul to help her, but Neal blows the Skulz ganger away (the ganger will have a knife and leather armor).

The Vault Dweller should then question Trish about why she screamed out Saul's name and she will explain that he is her boyfriend.

The next morning, go and see Saul at the boxing ring and to talk to him. Go back and talk with Trish again and explain to her that she can't change her man, and must take him as he is, or inform Saul that she is concerned about his wellbeing (requires 55 Speech). He will thank the Dweller and promises to talk with her. The player character will receive 250 XP for saving their relationship.



  • This quest cannot be started if the Bust the Skulz gang is completed first.
  • This quest cannot be completed if the Vault Dweller has threatened, or otherwise insulted Saul.