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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Zaius, foreman of the Broken Hills mine.


{100}{}{You see a tough-looking old mutant.}
{101}{}{You see Zaius, the mine foreman.}
{102}{}{On closer examination, you see a tough old mutant with a pickaxe and miner s helmet.}
{103}{}{You the new guy in town?}
{104}{}{Eek, oog og!}
{105}{}{New! Me! Town!}
{106}{}{That s right.}
{107}{}{Yeah, rolled in a little while back.}
{108}{}{No, genius, I ve been living here all along and you never noticed me.}
{109}{}{Heard you re having a little trouble with the mine.}
{110}{}{What can you tell me about this place?}
{111}{}{Ummm... riiiight. Tell you what. Here s a couple of dollars. Head on down to the saloon and get yourself something to drink.}
{112}{}{Yagga? Ogg? Gronk!}
{113}{}{Can't understand you, pal. Why not head on down to the saloon? Hell, maybe Francis will arm-wrestle with you.}
{114}{}{Wessle? O-KAY!}
{115}{}{Right. Well, I'm Zaius. Now that we're introduced You any good with your hands? We've got a problem with our air purifier on the lower level of the mine, but we haven't got the parts to fix it or the protective gear to avoid being overwhelmed by the radon gas that's been building up.}
{116}{}{I m not too good. Sorry.}
{117}{}{Not too shabby. What ll it take?}
{118}{}{Well, I'll hope that you enjoy your stay here in Broken Hills.}
{120}{}{Ha. Ha. Funny. Nothing better than a smart guy to solve a problem.}
{121}{}{Smarter than anyone else in this shithole town.}
{122}{}{Oh? There's a problem? What is it?}
{123}{}{The main problem here is that you're an idiot.}
{124}{}{That's me. Smart guy. What's your problem?}
{125}{}{Our air purifier's broken. It's on the bottom level. We've got no parts, and we've got no protective equipment. Without the parts, we can't fix it. Without the protection, the radon gas'll nail us. Are you any good with your hands?}
{126}{}{I'm all right.}
{127}{}{No. Not really.}
{128}{}{You again, eh?}
{129}{}{Ork! Ooo! Ug ug!}
{130}{}{Hi! HIIIII! Me (name)!}
{131}{}{Pal, I already gave you some money. Go bother someone else, eh?}
{132}{}{Hi again. Why not go check out... umm... the bank in town? I'm sure there are plenty people there who'd love to talk to you.}
{133}{}{Well, if you ever happen to think of a way, let me know.}
{134}{}{Really? Would you do it for me... and, more importantly, for Broken Hills?}
{135}{}{What's in it for me?}
{136}{}{Sure, I'll do it.}
{137}{}{Not right now.}
{138}{}{Izzat so? Well, my brainy friend, why not fix the air purifier down below? You'll need the parts, and you'll need to find a way to breathe the gas. Until you can show me you can do that, I think I'll just assume the only thing smart about you is your mouth.}
{139}{}{What's in it for me?}
{140}{}{Sure, I'll do it.}
{141}{}{Are you kidding?}
{142}{}{The main problem is that I'm an idiot. I'm repeating this because I don't believe that your asshole just spouted something that sounded like words. Get out of my sight, maggot.}
{143}{}{Aside from the jerks who keep harassing me, the problem is the air purifier in the mine. It's busted, and we don't have the protective gear to breathe the radon and we don't have the parts to fix it. You can, though, right? Because you're so smart?}
{144}{}{What's in it for me?}
{145}{}{Sure, I'll do it.}
{146}{}{Are you kidding? No way.}
{147}{}{. How's that sound?}
{148}{}{Like shit. I want more.}
{149}{}{Sounds good to me.}
{150}{}{Forget it. I'm out.}
{151}{}{Great! You ll need the parts, of course. Go to New Reno and look for Renesco. He s got tools lying around the shop. Tell him Zaius sent you. Tell him that I said, "The canary's kicked the bucket." I don't know where to get protective equipment for the gas. I suppose you could go in without any but you'll be hurting. Again, thank you.}
{152}{}{No problem. Bye.}
{153}{}{No? Well, if you should change your mind, you know where to find me.}
{154}{}{Sure thing. Bye.}
{155}{}{ it is, then. Take half now. I'll give you the other half when you re done. Go to New Reno and look for Renesco. He's got tools just lying around his office. He should be able to help you with the parts.}
{156}{}{See ya.}
{157}{}{Sorry. That's the limit. Take it or leave it.}
{158}{}{I'll take it.}
{159}{}{I'll leave it.}
{160}{}{Fine. Leave it, then. No thanks.}
{162}{}{Hi, friend! }
{163}{}{Oh, good. It's you again. }
{165}{}{Y'know, I knew those bastards Franc, Manson, Jacob, and Aileen had it out for us. Well done! So }
{166}{}{I hope you've given some thought to giving the ore back to the town, so }
{167}{}{Thanks for selling the ore. It's not like we couldn't use it or anything. So }
{168}{}{Thanks so much for returning that ore. You don't know how hard we work for that stuff.}
{169}{}{What do you want now?}
{170}{}{Can you tell me about the town?}
{171}{}{I hear you're having trouble with the mine.}
{172}{}{How're things?}
{173}{}{You get along all right with the Humans?}
{174}{}{You changed your mind about trying to fix the mine yet?}
{175}{}{What's in it for me?}
{176}{}{Sure, I'll do it.}
{177}{}{Not right now.}
{179}{}{How's it coming? I hope you're going to take care of this soon }
{180}{}{It's coming along all right.}
{181}{}{I m a busy man. I haven't gotten around to it yet.}
{182}{}{I should be able to let you know soon.}
{183}{}{You've got the parts? Great, I hope you ve got some protective gear. The fumes can take you down.}
{184}{}{I'm ready to go.}
{185}{}{I'll be going soon.}
{186}{}{You ve got the parts? Great, I hope you ve got some protective gear. The fumes can take you down.}
{187}{}{I'm ready to go.}
{188}{}{I'll be going soon.}
{189}{}{You've fixed it? Excellent! Say, I know you were doing this for free, but... I couldn t let you do that. So me and the guys got together and got you this. It's a combat shotgun. Good luck. And thank you.}
{190}{}{No problem. Thanks!}
{191}{}{You ve fixed it? Excellent! As agreed, here's the remainder of what we owe you. Thank you again.}
{192}{}{You bastard. You're going to die now.}
{193}{}{Good, good. Please hurry, though, our town needs what we get out of here.}
{194}{}{Sure thing. See ya.}
{195}{}{Don't rush me. I'm a busy man. Jerk.}
{196}{}{Well, I'm sorry, Mr. High and Mighty, but I think that the town's survival might be a little more important. Hurry it up, will you?}
{197}{}{Bite me. I'll get it done. See ya.}
{198}{}{That's the last straw. Goodbye, dead man.}
{199}{}{Please hurry. The mine is our town's lifeblood.}
{200}{}{All right, all right.}
{201}{}{Well, the best person to talk to about that would be Marcus, over at the bank, or Steve, the greeter for the town.}
{202}{}{Hmm. All right, thanks.}
{203}{}{I'll go ask them, then.}
{204}{}{I'd have to say they re all right. Still, they could always be better.}
{205}{}{Heh. Thanks for all the information.}
{206}{}{Well, as the mutants are not only getting old and senile - the gas keeps them young, or something - I d have to say things are pretty good. I mean, we don't want to kill everyone, and as far as I can tell, the humans don't think too poorly of us. Course, that's not including the humans from the other places around here, now those are some bastards.}
{207}{}{All right, thanks. Bye.}
{300}{}{. How's that sound?}
{301}{}{. How's that sound?}
{381}{}{I m a busy woman. I haven't gotten around to it yet.}
{382}{}{Don't rush me. I m a busy woman. Jerk.}
{383}{}{Well, I'm sorry, Mrs. High and Mighty, but I think that the town's survival might be a little more important. Hurry it up, will you?}
{400}{}{I've got a note with your name on it. Found it on a dead woman in the tunnels. Would you care to comment?}
{401}{}{Hey, I just received the note. Go talk to Francis about it, all right? He's the one who wrote it.}
{402}{}{If you had a hand in killing those people, I want to know about it.}
{403}{}{All right. See ya.}
{404}{}{No! We're just protecting ourselves from the conspiracy. Marcus believes in law and evidence, and even though he knows these people are dangerous, he doesn't know who they are- and he's too honorable to plant evidence. My part is keeping Francis restrained from all-out revenge.}
{405}{}{Sounds too tidy. I'm going to check this out with Francis.}
{406}{}{I knew Francis couldn't handle exposure. He knew the risks of what he did, but I guess he didn't figure on ever being caught. He'll be all right eventually. I hope the same will be true of Broken Hills.}
{407}{}{I hope so too. I have some questions.}
{408}{}{Me too. Bye.}