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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Dan, a worried spouse in Broken Hills.


{100}{}{You see a worried man.}
{101}{}{You see Dan, the worried spouse.}
{102}{}{You see a well-dressed man whose face looks like it's on the verge of hysteria.}
{103}{}{Who are you? What are you doing in my house?}
{104}{}{Ack? Oop?}
{105}{}{I'm }
{106}{}{Nobody important.}
{107}{}{I'm here to rob you.}
{108}{}{Nothing. Nobody. Bye.}
{109}{}{Not in my house, please. There's a street outside where you can sleep and do whatever else it is you "special" people do.}
{111}{}{Great, great. Pleased to meet you. [He looks distracted.] Hey, look... you're an adventuring type, right?}
{113}{}{Do you not recognize the Chosen One?}
{115}{}{What business is it of yours?}
{116}{}{The reason I ask, you see, is because my wife is missing. I don't know where she is. She's been gone for days. I've asked around town, and no one has seen her. Can you find her for me?}
{117}{}{What's in it for me?}
{118}{}{I'll look around. What's she look like?}
{119}{}{Nope. I'm busy.}
{120}{}{I can give you $500. That's my life savings.}
{121}{}{That's good enough. I'll do it.}
{122}{}{Nope. Can't do it.}
{123}{}{Please. Please. My wife... she's everything to me. Please.}
{124}{}{I said no!}
{125}{}{Fine. Fine, just stop pestering me.}
{126}{}{Here's the money. Now please, please, PLEASE... find my wife and tell me where she is. Maybe she's shacked up with someone else, maybe she's left me... but I just need to know. }
{127}{}{You got it, pal. What's she look like?}
{128}{}{Sure thing. I'll do my best.}
{129}{}{::he sobs uncontrollably for a few moments:: Very well. Go away. And realize that you've broken my heart. }
{130}{}{See ya, loser.}
{131}{}{She's blonde, sexy, and has the most incredible singing voice... I last saw her walking around this area. She didn't like mutants or ghouls, so she wouldn't have been near any of them. Nobody knows where she went. It's like she just disappeared.}
{132}{}{That should be enough.}
{133}{}{Well? Have you found her? My heart aches with every moment.}
{134}{}{Sorry, pal, still looking.}
{135}{}{Yeah, I found her.}
{136}{}{No, not yet. I'll keep looking.}
{137}{}{Oh, my aching heart. Please let me know when you find her.}
{138}{}{Sure, sure thing.}
{139}{}{Actually, I'm not going to look for her anymore.}
{140}{}{You found her? ::his eyes light up:: Where?}
{141}{}{Was she a hottie with no legs?}
{142}{}{I found a group of dead people in the tunnels below the city. She was one of them. I'm sorry.}
{143}{}{What? No! She had great legs!}
{144}{}{Oh. Right. Well, she hasn't got great legs now. She really got savaged, and her legs are OFF. She's totally dead, and she suffered before she died. }
{145}{}{Right. Well, I think I found her in the tunnels below the city. She's dead. I'm very sorry.}
{146}{}{Thank you for telling me. I think I have to go cry.}
{147}{}{Yeah, you go cry, you pansy loser.}
{148}{}{Sorry, pal.}
{149}{}{I hate you! Everyone hates you! Go die! ::sob::}
{150}{}{I found a letter on your wife. It indicates that she may have been part of a conspiracy to kill the mutants in Broken Hills.}
{151}{}{Oh my God! I... I can't believe that... It's not... [Sighs deeply]. I suppose it may be true. She seemed to hate every mutant and ghoul she came into contact with. I never knew why.}
{152}{}{Be that as it may, you may want to consider that the murders might not stop with your wife. If she was implicated, you may be as well.}
{153}{}{You don't mean to say that my life is in danger too? Oh dear. You may be right. I've been hearing noises outside the house at night. Whispers and shuffles.}
{154}{}{It might be a good idea to leave. Watch your back. Good luck.}
{155}{}{Thanks so much for your help. I'm not staying here any longer than I have to.}
{156}{}{You informed Dan of his wife's murder.}