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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Steve, town greeter for Broken Hills.


{100}{}{You see a smiling man dressed in leather armor.}
{101}{}{You see Steve, the greeter for Broken Hills.}
{102}{}{You see a friendly man in leather armor. He looks like he stands here all day waiting for someone to talk to.}
{103}{}{Hi there! I'm Steve. I'm the guy who can tell you where's where and what's what in this fine town. Can I direct you someplace, or give you any help today?}
{105}{}{Noken Heel?}
{106}{}{Tell me about the place.}
{107}{}{Who lives here?}
{108}{}{Who's in charge?}
{109}{}{What's new here?}
{110}{}{What services do you have here?}
{111}{}{Nope. Sorry.}
{112}{}{Oh dear. Another poor child of the wastes. Well, come in. You'll find we're just as hospitable as any of the other towns in the wasteland.}
{114}{}{Indeed. Good luck, wanderer. And good bye.}
{115}{}{Nood eye!}
{116}{}{Broken Hills. We're a mining town. We dig for things. Then we sell them.}
{119}{}{That's right. Out of the ground. We have a mine. I don't think they have a job for you there, though. If you want one, talk to the Outfitter.}
{121}{}{Sell stuff?}
{122}{}{We sell what we dig to other towns around here. They find it useful. If you want to sell something, you can talk to many of the merchants here. Anyway, I have to get back to work. You be good and careful here, okay?}
{123}{}{Oh-kay! Byeeee!}
{124}{}{I have to get back to work. You be good and careful here, okay?}
{125}{}{You again? Well, you know what you have to do - be good and careful. Take care!}
{126}{}{Oh-kay! Byeeeeeeeee!}
{127}{}{Put your weapons away, partner. You won't get any answers from me while you're waving them around like that.}
{128}{}{We're a small mining community. We were founded several decades ago by our sheriff, Marcus, and a man named Jacob. The two of them chose this site because it was near some uranium deposits. Would you like to hear more?}
{131}{}{We're a collective of Humans, mutants, and ghouls. We don't have the racial tensions that
plague Vault City; in our eyes, everyone's equal.}
{132}{}{You live next to mutants? Don't you know they're evil?}
{134}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{135}{}{Nominally, Sheriff Marcus is in charge of the city. He helped found it, and he helps us through our crises. In truth, though, everyone in the city has a voice.}
{136}{}{That seems unworkable.}
{137}{}{That sounds like a good way to run things.}
{138}{}{Go on.}
{139}{}{The guy who helped create the city's still in charge? That would make him very, very old.}
{140}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{141}{}{Aside from the mutants all being DEAD and this town being DOOMED...}
{142}{}{Aside from the mutants being dead and our only source of livelihood destroyed...}
{143}{}{Aside from you being a hero for exposing the corruption in our midst...}
{144}{}{Aside from realizing we have a cancer in our midst with the escape of Franc and Manson..}
{145}{}{Aside from Chad's betrayal of the city and your justice - for which everyone's grateful -... }
{146}{}{Not too much, really.}
{147}{}{I have more questions.}
{149}{}{Oh. You again.}
{150}{}{Hi again.}
{151}{}{Welcome back.}
{152}{}{You want to know more?}
{153}{}{What's new here?}
{154}{}{Who's in charge?}
{155}{}{Tell me about the place.}
{156}{}{Who lives here?}
{157}{}{What services do you have here?}
{158}{}{No thanks.}
{159}{}{We make our living by refining the ore we dig from the hills, and selling it to nearby communities like Vault City, Gecko, and the New Californian Republic. We use some ourselves for our own power. More?}
{162}{}{Everyone's equal. We all came from humans; we all have the same core underneath the exterior. To say that someone's evil just because of their appearance indicates only ignorance.}
{163}{}{You calling me ignorant?}
{164}{}{That's true.}
{165}{}{Not necessarily. Who knows what the virus that mutated him has done to his mind?}
{166}{}{Whatever. Bye.}
{167}{}{We find that it works fine for our purposes. Plus, Marcus is eminently fair.}
{168}{}{Where I can find Marcus?}
{170}{}{He is old. But he's holding up well. See, he's a mutant, and apparently they live longer than most other folks.}
{171}{}{You're letting a MUTANT run this place? What are you, nuts?}
{172}{}{Really? I would have thought most of them would have died off by now.}
{173}{}{A mutant sheriff, eh? I'll bet most folks here are pretty law-abiding, then. That must work out well.}
{175}{}{So now we're eking out a living, creating our own version of civilization, and doing our best to avoid giving in to Vault City or NCR - we don't need their style of government. That's all.}
{176}{}{Great. I have more questions.}
{177}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{178}{}{If you're going to persist in believing you can judge someone's mind by what you see on the outside, then yes. You are undeniably ignorant.}
{179}{}{To hell with you, pal. YOU'RE the ignorant one.}
{180}{}{Oh, all right. You've got a point.}
{181}{}{Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Welcome to Broken Hills.}
{184}{}{If the mutants intended us harm, they'd have moved on us before now. They're not going to last forever - in fact, most of them are going senile now. Building a community isn't going to help them achieve their aims.}
{185}{}{You have a point.}
{186}{}{They're still evil.}
{188}{}{Pal, the more I talk to you, the dumber I feel myself becoming. With an attitude like that, you won't be too welcome in Broken Hills. Excuse me. I have a job to do.}
{190}{}{Time to die, jerk.}
{191}{}{We have a mine, a refinery, a tavern, a hotel - which, by the way, has lost its owner, so we just let people stay there free - a hospital, a general store, and a chemist. We grow our own food.}
{192}{}{All right. I have more questions.}
{194}{}{Well, many of them have. Since mutants are sterile... or so I'm led to believe ... they're dying out. The ones who are left seem to be getting senile, too. Not Marcus, though. He's still as sharp as ever.}
{195}{}{Where can I find Marcus?}
{196}{}{I have more questions.}
{198}{}{Marcus, are you sure you don't want to stick around and lead us for a while?}
{199}{}{Marcus: Ain't no future in it. You'll do fine without me.}
{201}{}{Pal, you're not wanted here. You've done enough damage.}
{300}{}{You can usually find Marcus near the Bank ... that also serves as a tougher jail ... or at the
Jail. Sometimes he's in the tavern or at home, but he's usually working.}
{305}{}{That rat bastard!}