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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the Professor, a scientist in Broken Hills.


{100}{}{You see a bemused man in a lab coat.}
{101}{}{You see the Professor. He looks like he's engaged in some madcap scheme.}
{102}{}{You see a bemused man in a lab coat surrounded by laboratory equipment. There's an insane gleam in his eye.}
{103}{}{You again?}
{104}{}{What is it you want? Out with it! I'm a busy man!}
{105}{}{Noo beezy?}
{107}{}{Who are you? And what's with the scorpion?}
{108}{}{I'd like to take one of your tests.}
{109}{}{Nothing. Bye.}
{110}{}{Ah, a test subject! Would you like to take a test, my friend?}
{113}{}{You wish to take a test, eh? Do you want to test your hands, your eyes, or your brains?}
{118}{}{Then why are you wasting my time? I told you I'm busy, didn't I? I have too much to do to stand around wasting time talking to people like ... why am I still talking to you? Good day!}
{120}{}{Err... yeah. Bye.}
{121}{}{You wish to take a test, eh? Do you want to test your manual dexterity, your perception, or your intelligence?}
{122}{}{I'd like to test my agility.}
{123}{}{Let's test my eyes.}
{124}{}{How about my smarts?}
{125}{}{Hmm. None of them. Forget it.}
{126}{}{Very well. I'll be matching you against the scorpion. You will both attempt to unlock those boxes. Good luck.}
{128}{}{Let's do it.}
{129}{}{Right. You'll stand behind this rail, and you and the scorpion will tell me the letters you read, from top to bottom, left to right.}
{131}{}{Got it. Let's go.}
{132}{}{You and the scorpion will be playing a game of my own devising. I call it "chess". Are you ready?}
{134}{}{Yep. I'm ready.}
{135}{}{I am the Professor. What I do is applied intelligence testing. I create chemical compounds to increase intelligence. I'm trying some out on this radscorpion here, after my failure with Seymour.}
{136}{}{You tried it out on a plant?}
{137}{}{I'd like to take a test.}
{138}{}{Have you made anything that works?}
{139}{}{I see. That's all I wanted to know. Bye.}
{140}{}{Of course I tried it out on a plant! I'm trying to increase intelligence from the ground up!}
{141}{}{I see. Have you made anything that works?}
{142}{}{I'd like to take a test.}
{143}{}{That's all I wanted to know.}
{144}{}{Yes, I have, thank you very much! You ever hear of "Mentats"? I helped develop a method for easy mass-production of that drug! And others! Lots of others!}
{145}{}{All right, all right. Say, I'd like to try out my skills against your scorpion.}
{146}{}{All right, I believe you. I'll just be leaving.}
{147}{}{How... how could you kill my scorpion like that? I was close... so close...}
{148}{}{Shamble off}
# Agility Test
{200}{}{Woo hoo! Beat THAT, Mr. Exoskeleton.}
{201}{}{Wooooooo Hoooo!}
{202}{}{Damn it!}
{204}{}{::click clack::}
{205}{}{How the hell did you pick a lock with CLAWS?}
{206}{}{How U pik wiff CLAWS?}
{208}{}{Well, that was a tie.}
# The following 4 strings are used in the phrase:
# "You lose. Scorpion: [SCORE], [Player Name]: [SCORE]."
{209}{}{You lose. Scorpion: }
{210}{}{, }
{211}{}{: }
{214}{}{You have proven that you are just as agile as the radscorpion.}
{215}{}{Here, take these Mentats. You appear to need them.}
# Perception Test
{301}{}{Yes, that's correct.}
{303}{}{Uh...no, I'm sorry. That's way off.}
{304}{}{::chitter chitter:: ::click clack:: ::chirp (tail swing)::}
{305}{}{Correct! Good boy! Gooooood boy! Your Morse code skills are improving nicely.}
{306}{}{You have proven that you are just as perceptive as the radscorpion.}
# Intelligence Test
{400}{}{Checkmate ::click::}
{401}{}{WHAT? You cheated!}
{403}{}{Don't be a sore loser.}
{406}{}{::chitter:: Kill plant! ::click-clack-click::}
{407}{}{You have proven that you can subvert a radscorpion that is more intelligent than you.}