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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Chad, caravan master of Broken Hills.


{100}{}{You see an amiable-looking, lean man.}
{101}{}{You see Chad, the caravaneer.}
{102}{}{You see a lean man who wears a smile like a shield. He wears nondescript clothing, and carries himself as if he knows what he's doing.}
{120}{}{Howdy, friend! What can I do for you?}
{121}{}{More questions? I'll see what I can do for answers.}
{122}{}{Deerk deegler!}
{123}{}{You who?}
{124}{}{Marcus has been asking a few questions about you.}
{125}{}{There's enough evidence that you've been stealing money that's supposed to go to Broken Hills that you can be arrested. You're going down.}
{126}{}{There's enough evidence that you've been stealing money that's supposed to go to Broken Hills that you can be arrested. Cut me in for $1000 and I'll make sure you can flee town.}
{127}{}{Who are you?}
{128}{}{Tell me about this place.}
{129}{}{Nothing. Bye.}
{130}{}{Look what the wasteland dragged in! Sorry, pal, I can't help you.}
{132}{}{I'm Chad. }
{133}{}{Look, I'm very busy. Please go find someone else to bother.}
{134}{}{I'm the caravan master for the city. I take care of the business on the other end of the trade routes. These days I'm focusing primarily on Gecko. }
{136}{}{I'd like to get a job with you.}
{137}{}{Sounds exciting.}
{138}{}{Sounds boring.}
{139}{}{I have more questions.}
{140}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{141}{}{Tell you about Broken Hills? Well, I moved here a few years back. Got a job with the Bill - that's the Outfitter - and moved up to where I am now. I report to Marcus and the Bill, but I'm responsible for the livelihood of the town.}
{142}{}{I have more questions.}
{156}{}{Talk to the Bill. He'll help you out.}
{157}{}{I have more questions.}
{158}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{159}{}{Yeah, it is. You wouldn't think it, but I get to travel and see the world, and I feel I contribute to the town here. It's a good life.}
{160}{}{Sounds great. I'd like a job like that.}
{161}{}{Actually, that sounds pretty boring.}
{162}{}{I have more questions.}
{164}{}{Probably a hell of a lot more exciting than what you do with your life, jerkoff.}
{165}{}{Yeah, whatever. I have more questions.}
{166}{}{Ha ha ha ha! Right. See ya, loser.}
{167}{}{You'll pay for this someday, you putz.}
{168}{}{Get out of my sight, you jerk.}
{169}{}{You really cocked up that caravan, my friend. So much for your cash.}
{170}{}{You surely screwed the pooch on that caravan, my friend. Good luck ever getting another from Broken Hills.}
{171}{}{Good work on that caravan. Here's your $200.}
{172}{}{Get outta here. Your help ain't wanted no more.}
{173}{}{Keep your eyes peeled.}
{174}{}{I'll watch your back.}
{175}{}{Don't let the bastards sneak up on you.}