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Hardware Town is a location in the Fens neighborhood of Boston in Fallout 4.


Once the most popular hardware store in Boston, Hardware Town has been taken over by a crew of raiders led by Demo. The raiders have made a habit of luring unsuspecting wastelanders into the store by acting as another "fellow wastelander" pleading for someone to help their friend. Once the wastelander takes the bait, the raiders have some fun murdering them and dumping the body in the foundation.[Pub 1]


This was once the most popular hardware store in town, but Raiders are active to the rear of the premises. They lure those of a more inquisitive (or idiotic) disposition into investigating the location, before slaying them and dumping their corpses.
There are three entrances. The main front entrance has a settler pleading for help; she disappears inside before you can speak with her. A basement entrance to the side allows stealthier explorers to enter. The rear entrance is close to a Power Armor station. You can also leap onto the roof from the small chem hideout to the north (accessed via scaffold steps).
Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map


When the Sole Survivor first arrives at Hardware Town, a raider pretending to be a settler yells for help to save someone inside. When the Sole Survivor enters, the raider runs behind some doors and raiders can be heard preparing an ambush behind it. One raider can be overheard saying they should have lured the victim to the basement instead.

If the Sole Survivor waits long enough, the raiders waiting inside will get impatient and blame the bait for incompetence. They end up executing her and begin to search for the Sole Survivor. Alternatively, if they go through the basement to the left of the front doors, they can attack the raiders from the back. If the Sole Survivor kills the raider pretending to be a settler before she enters Hardware Town, the raiders lying in wait will have a different set of dialogue. One will insist on checking what is taking their bait so long, and the other will shush him. If the Sole Survivor waits long enough, the two raiders will argue until one of them shoots and kills the other, to the dismay of their leader, [[[Demo (Fallout 4)|Demo]].

Upon revisiting the location, Gunners will have taken over the store. However, if the Sole Survivor sided with the Institute, this location will sometimes be repopulated by hostile Brotherhood of Steel members (and vice versa).

There is an armor workbench and a weapons workbench located in the room where the front entrance is, behind the counter. The large warehouse behind the front room contains supplies such as Jet, stimpaks, and caps. There is a small loot stash on top of the boxes containing randomized ammo, a stimpak, etc. An Advanced locked safe sits on top of a shelf on the north side of the room, and a paint mixer - optionally used in the quest Painting the Town - is at the back. A Master locked safe can be found upstairs, in the locked room alongside the Stealth Boy.


Related quests


  • There is a safe (Advanced lock) containing leveled loot on the top shelf of the warehouse's northern wall to the left of the fallen shelves (seems to be east if wearing power armor - see bugs). Use the fallen shelves to reach the safe.
  • There is a hidden duffle bag containing loot in the basement, located in the pile of rubble between the two shelves where the roof has caved in causing a ramp to the level above. To access it one will need to crouch between the two shelves so that they're in line with the edge of the right shelf (so the skeleton located on the left shelf will be slightly forward and to the left), then look towards the pile of rubble and there should be a white shape part of the way up the rubble pile alongside the right shelf, which will be slightly larger than the "[HIDDEN]" message on screen (due to being crouched). The area of the duffle bag one can interact with is invisible but located roughly at the bottom right of the white shape if standing in the right area, and may take a bit of trial and error (alternatively, the Scrapper perk rank 2 may highlight it slightly if it contains a relevant component).
  • The Sole Survivor can steal the arguing raider's equipped weapon with the level 3 pickpocketing perk and thus save the other raider.
  • The "settler" encountered outside the Hardware Town is perceived as an enemy by some NPCs, such as provisioners, and they will attack the "settler" on sight.
  • On the front desk are two moveable world objects, a receipt next to the broken terminal and a note on the right side of the counter. Unlike regular clutter, both are unique and can be dislodged by shooting or hitting them, however, they can not be picked up.


Hardware Town appears in Fallout 4.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Entering this building while wearing power armor causes the compass directions displayed at the bottom of the screen to be incorrectly rotated by 90° in a clockwise direction. [verified]



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    This was once the most popular hardware store in town, but Raiders are active to the rear of the premises. They lure those of a more inquisitive (or idiotic) disposition into investigating the location, before slaying them and dumping their corpses."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide/Map)