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Goodneighbor's of the people, for the people, you feel me? Everyone's welcome.

John Hancock is the ghoul mayor of Goodneighbor in Fallout 4, and a potential companion of the Sole Survivor.


Hancock is the estranged younger brother of Diamond City's mayor, McDonough.[1] John considered him "entitled" and claims that the elder brother would sometimes shove rotten tatoes down the back of his shirt and slap them.[2]

When McDonough ran for mayor on an anti-ghoul platform, inciting hatred and fear of the city's mutated inhabitants, Hancock objected.[3] The relationship between them broke down, and John confronted him in his office after his inauguration speech. His brother offered no sign of remorse for the anti-ghoul violence that his campaign had incited, simply gloating that the city was finally his.[4]


John tried to save as many ghouls as he could by relocating them to the town of Goodneighbor, at the time run by the ruthless mob boss Vic. Unfortunately, many of the refugees could not adjust to life in the slum and fled into the ruins of Boston and the surrounding wasteland of the Commonwealth, eventually dying of starvation or violence.[5] Over time, he fell into a rut of depression and drug abuse, at some point taking an experimental, radioactive drug in an attempt to transform himself into a ghoul. The attempt was successful, and he today remarks that both the high and the subsequent transformation were "so worth it."[6]

His absolute lowest point came after witnessing the murder of a fellow drifter at the hands of Vic's henchmen. Despite knowing that there was nothing he could have done against the armed goons, John nonetheless considered his lack of intervention cowardly, and in the aftermath felt "like less than nothing." In a fit of despair, he went on a particularly intense bender of drug abuse, eventually blacking out completely.[7][8]


When he regained consciousness, John found himself lying on the floor of the Old State House next to a set of clothes that belonged to the founding father John Hancock.[9] He assumed the identity of the historical figure and set out to raise a revolutionary militia to overthrow Vic.[10] Temporarily going sober in preparation, he gathered a crew of drifters and convinced KL-E-0 to loan them some weapons.[11]

They gathered together one night, waiting on the rooftops and inside buildings for Vic's goons to gather. Holding off until their opponents were heavily intoxicated from a night of partying, the militia burst from their hiding spots and massacred the gangsters.[12] His muscle wiped out to a man, it was a simple matter for Hancock and his men to storm Vic's quarters in the State House, dragging him out to be hanged by the neck from the balcony.[13]

Looking down from the balcony and seeing that most of the town had gathered to witness the commotion, Hancock issued a simple proclamation: "Of the people, for the people!" With that, he was no longer John McDonough, the Diamond City refugee, but John Hancock, the undisputed mayor of Goodneighbor.[14]

The majority of Goodneighbor's citizens look to him for leadership, and he acts as a source of reassurance concerning the looming synth threat. Following the events of Bobbi No-Nose's big plan (The Big Dig), a plot to steal from his stronghold, he claims to feel too pampered and comfortable.[15] He gives a speech proclaiming his leave of absence.

Hancock then proceeds to offer his services to the Sole Survivor as a possible companion. Reaching the highest affinity level with Hancock results in him granting the Isodoped perk to the Sole Survivor. If spoken to after gaining more than 500 affinity, Hancock refers to the Sole Survivor as his friend.

It is then possible to flirt with Hancock, and by passing his Speech challenge he will mention that he has impure thoughts about them, and hints at acting on those thoughts. This is obtainable without the Silver Shroud Costume while he is a companion and flirting within the second private conversation. Hancock occasionally gives the character chems.

Interactions overview

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Requires maximum affinity.

Range of interests

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  • Hancock likes Cait, MacCready, Nick Valentine, Codsworth, Curie and Strong; he is neutral with Dogmeat, Preston Garvey, Piper and X6-88; and he dislikes Deacon and Danse.
  • If taken to Nate/Nora's corpse in Vault 111, he will say "Damn. Hey, look, if you wanna get out of here..."
  • If Finn is killed by the Sole Survivor, Hancock will be rather calm and applaud the player character.
  • He recognizes Nick Valentine from Diamond City.
  • On the upper floor of the Memory Den the player character can break into Irma's (Novice) terminal and read an entry about Hancock that states: "...well, let's just say if you thought he was handsome and dangerous now, you should've seen him before he turned ghoul."
  • According to Deacon, Hancock turns a blind eye to the Railroad's activities in Goodneighbor. This can also be noted by the existence of a "Join the Railroad" holotape on his coffee table.
  • If taken to Vault 81, some of the residents there will insult him, to which he will reply.
  • When the Sole Survivor travels without clothing across location borders, Hancock will make comments implying he appreciates the view, or call them emperor. This will also increase his reputation with the Sole Survivor.
  • If one has him around after completing In Sheep's Clothing, he will express regret for being angry with his brother.
  • Hancock's chems of choice are Mentats because they make him feel "intellectual."[16] He has the second-highest Intelligence S.P.E.C.I.A.L. score of the companions, at 14.
  • Hancock wears an American flag as a sash.
  • It is possible that settlers in the settlements have a short conversation where they call him mayor and talk about their owing him money, indicating that they once lived in Goodneighbor.
  • Piper refers to him as her "second least favorite mayor."
  • If the player character fires a few bullets randomly, Hancock will say "Wait, you see 'em too?"


  • "Of the people, for the people."
  • "Plenty of folks wanna make life hard for people just tryin' to survive. I'm not willing to stand for that kinda shit."
  • "What kind of settlement requires a test for entry?" – Referring to Covenant.
  • "Whoa, the Downs. Hope we're not going anywhere for a while." – Referring to Easy City Downs.
  • "That kinda bull is the reason I became mayor in the first place." – Referring to The Big Dig
  • "Damn. Hey, look, if you wanna get outta here..." – If taken to Nate/Nora's corpse in Vault 111.
  • "If someone needs help, we help 'em. If someone needs hurting, we hurt 'em. It's not hard."
  • "Like it? I think it gives me a sexy, king of the zombies kinda look. Big hit with the ladies."
  • "Hey, does that play "Red Menace?" Love that damn game." – Accessing a terminal
  • "Looks like you can use a little pick me up." – Said when initiating dialogue with him as a companion (and him giving the player character a random chem)
  • "Whoa ho ho, I like you already! Walk into a new place, make a show of dominance. Nice." – referring to the Sole Survivor killing Finn
  • "Listen close. It's the last thing you're ever gonna hear." – When Sinjin tells the player character to stop speaking as The Silver Shroud
  • "Christ, it's bright in here. Clearly they didn't consider some folks might be nursing hangovers. " – Possible comment when entering Vault 81.
  • If completing The Big Dig with Bobbi No-Nose:
    • "How you doin' killer? Arms tired from all that digging? You know, my strongroom is surprisingly empty now..."
    • "Now if it was just the money, I'd rough you up, break a few bones, and then we'd be square once you paid me back. But you killed Fahrenheit. That means blood for blood."
  • When traveling naked:
    • "Hey Emperor, love the outfit."
    • "Let them stare."
    • "Don't mind me, just enjoying the view"
  • When committing Cannibalism:
    • "Suppose they're...beyond caring at this point"
    • "You...you do what you gotta"
    • "That one...all yours"
    • "At least you have the politeness to wait til they're dead"
  • When using chems:
    • "Two a day, keep reality at bay."
    • "Lean back and enjoy the ride."
    • "That's a good one, take it all in."
    • "Never trip alone."
  • When getting Addiction:
    • "You feel as bad as you look?"
    • "Wow, how much did you take?"
    • "'ay, you should slow down, and that's ME saying that"
  • When not responding while talking with him:
    • "Did I say something wrong?"
    • "You wanna talk? Make me a little nervous over here."
    • "What gives? I thought we were talking."
    • "Did your chems just kick in or something?"
    • "Like talking to a brick wall."
    • "Hmm, lights are on but no one's home."
    • "What? Mole rat got your tongue?"
    • "Uhm... You alright?"
    • "You check out on me?"
    • "Anybody in there?"
    • "That's right. Take it all in."
  • After committing to a close relationship
    • "Words don't begin to do it justice. You, you're the best thing I got."
    • "Guess you're the piece I'd always missing...that and that toe I still can't find..."
  • "It's like I found a part of myself I never realized was missing... which happens sometimes when you're a ghoul."
    • "Nothing to lose but each other."
    • "Moments like this, I know all that karma stuff is bull. Because no one like me should be this lucky."
    • "You sure you wanna be stuck with this ugly mug?"
  • When Lover's Embrace is activated:
    • "Morning, sunshine."
    • "Well look at you. I must still be dreamin'..."
    • "Don't mind me... just enjoying the view."
  • Upon picking up junk:
    • "Careful! You don't know where that's been."
    • "That actually worth something?"
    • "If anybody could find a use for that."
  • Upon looting a corpse:
    • "Time to collect."
    • "To the living, go the spoils."
  • When the Brotherhood of Steel arrives in the Commonwealth:
    • "Holy shit." – When witnessing the Prydwen's arrival.
    • "Brotherhood knows how to make an entrance. I'll give 'em that." – When commenting on the Brotherhood of Steel.


John Hancock appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout: The Board Game.

Behind the scenes

Cut dialogue lines of Finn refer to Hancock as deceased.[17][18]


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Hancock can be killed by the player character regardless when he is dismissed as a companion.
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Hancock issues a misc quest to investigate Pickman Gallery, but if he is available as a companion, on returning to report to him there will be no dialogue available to complete the misc quest. This also the case with the interaction with Hancock in The Silver Shroud mission. To finish this quest, speak with Hancock and let him join as the companion. Then speak with him again and in dialogue, there will be an option to finish the mentioned quest. Hancock will say something like: "When I wanted you to investigate Pickman Gallery, I didn't mean you to take me there." He does it even if one didn't take him with or had another companion on that quest. After that, the quest will be finished.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 As Hancock somehow seems to be non-essential, dismissing him while being far away from a settlement the Sole Survivor wants him to be (e.g. the Sole Survivor is at Sanctuary Hills, dismissing him back to Goodneighbor) will cause him to be killed halfway through his journey way back. He can be killed by anything in the wasteland, even a mongrel.



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