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The Golden Gecko, also called Golden Gecko Tavern, Hotel, and Trading Post, is a bar in Klamath in Fallout 2.


The bar is just as popular a drinking hole as Buckner House, and is full of locals. One of the patrons, John Sullivan, might teach someone the art of pugilism, providing they not make a fool of themselves.

The owner, Sajag, has a decent range of items for sale, including the odd piece of ammunition. There are rooms available for rent here, giving customers a place to spend the night.

Shop inventory

Sajag sells the following items with a Barter skill of 51% and restocks every 2 days. Any item with a percentage after it is not always restocked.

Weapons Apparel Ammunition Medical Miscellaneous items


A fuzzy painting is hidden behind an Easy locked door.


Golden Gecko appears only in Fallout 2.