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General Atomics International

General Atomics International has the finest industrial robots in the world. Buy two or more GAI robots and save! Special deal on 'Mr. Handy' models!Advertising applet

General Atomics International or GAI was a pre-War company specializing in industrial robotics and weaponry before the Great War.


General Atomics International advertised their company as offering "the finest industrial robots in the world," including the Mr. Handy line.[4] Mister Handy robots were designed as domestic servant robots, equipped with tools that could be used as weapons.[5]

General Constantine Chase made a statement to the Capitol Post in 2072, reporting on a United States Army "super weapon," created in cooperation with General Atomics International and RobCo.[6] The robot, Liberty Prime, was the first joint project between the two companies.[7] General Atomics also sponsored an exhibit with RobCo featuring robotics prototypes at the Museum of Technology.[8]

Employees of General Atomics worked on the robobrain project at the Robotics Technology Facility RB-2851 in Boston, Massachusetts.[9] The company also manufactured nuclear power backup systems for vaults and wave/particle diverters utilized in laser weaponry development.[10][Pub 1]

The company implemented the Director Management System at General Atomics Galleria in an attempt to automate the management of the locations.[11] The bid to install the system at Nuka-World was beat out by RobCo.[12] In June 2077, Lake Quannapowitt near Boston reported that illegal dumping from General Atomics caused water contaminant levels to triple since the previous reading, resulting in a formal inquiry into the company's waste management practices.[13]


Prior to the Great War, General Atomics International was a globe-spanning mega-corporation with interests in robotics, energy, weaponry, and software. At their height, they delivered to industrial and private customers everything from nuclear reactors, to smart-home software, to laser rifles, to robots.

Despite their wide sphere of influence, by the late 2030s, GAI became a global standout for their robots. Mister Handy, one of the first modern and autonomous robots produced, hit the market in 2037. This construction and maintenance model saw widespread use in Mexico and the United States. It was rugged, flexible, and reliable, receiving strong reviews and playing a prominent role in rescue operations after the 2042 earthquake in Mexico City.
By the late 2040s and early 2050s, GAI dominated the modern robotics market, both by expanding on the role of Mister Handy with military, medical, and household variants, and with entirely new designs for more specialized operations.
Meanwhile, their other divisions continued to produce and profit, especially their nuclear reactor division which saw their products installed in numerous vaults and military facilities as tensions mounted prior to the Great War. Their automated network control programs, for example Director Management System, proved buggy however, resulting in several deaths at the General Atomics Galleria. It took a staggering amount of hush money to keep that catastrophe out of the news feeds.

After the War
The influence and reach of General Atomics International after the War is felt much as it was before: through the placement of their products. Their AER9 laser rifles can still be found in the hands of scavengers, raiders, and other survivors, providing a powerful tactical advantage for those who can scrounge power cells to use them. Their reactors continue to power dozens, if not hundreds of vaults. In some cases, they provide the power necessary to sustain life for residents. In others, they keep the lights and computers running for empty tombs and de-facto mass graves.
But it is their robotics and automated management systems that play the strongest role. Both technologies were designed to operate without human interference or interaction, so the massive human die-offs of the War and afterward rarely impacted their operations. Indeed, it can be argued many units didn’t notice the Great War at all. They can still be found, wandering the wasteland or on site at their original point of installation.
For example, the General Atomics Galleria in the Commonwealth was built to show what a city’s shopping and commercial neighborhoods might look like if entirely staffed by GAI robots. It contains numerous shops, restaurants, even a bowling alley and gym, staffed by autonomous robots to this day. At present, it still awaits an activation order to become fully operational, but its security robots patrol the area and will shoot intruders.

Further south in the Commonwealth, a General Atomics factory remains largely intact, maintained, and staffed by GAI robots. Its security bots and management software might make it dangerous, but more than one rumor about its contents have lured survivors.
Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook p.236




Mister Handy

Mister Handy.png
Main article: Mister Handy

Mister Handy was produced by General Atomics International as a housekeeping robot, able to help out around the house and defend itself.

Mister Gutsy

Main article: Mister Gutsy

Mister Gutsy is a modified Mister Handy designed for military use by the U.S. Army. Mister Gutsy comes with a plasma weapon, and flamethrower.


Main article: Robobrain

The robobrain was created as a military robot for the US Army, utilizing a real organic brain for its processor. Military models are capable of using integrated laser weapons, sonic projection rays, and firearms.

Miss Nanny

Main article: Miss Nanny

Miss Nanny is an alternative to the Mister Handy model, programmed to speak French.[14]

Mister Orderly

Main article: Mister Orderly

Mister Orderly was created to carry out medical procedures and experimental surgery.

Sentinel Power Armor Creation Club

Main article: Sentinel Power Armor

Made in cooperation with West Tek, the Sentinel Control System was developed by General Atomics International, meant to provide military support by using preexisting power armor pieces.

Other products


General Atomics International is mentioned across the Fallout Series.

Behind the scenes

The company was mentioned in the Fallout design document on Mr. Handy robots.[Doc 1]



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